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Your Music 211123 Caldera

1:58:52 minutes (54.41 MB)

Caldera; an early flamenco-fusion band featuring Gorge Strunz prior to his collaborations with Farah

Your Music 210504 Peruvian Jazz

1:59:23 minutes (54.65 MB)

Jazz from Peru and Peruvian musicians abroad.

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2:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Your Music 210810 Neighbor (the band)

1:59:54 minutes (54.89 MB)

Boston-based jam band "Neighbor"

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1:59:47 minutes (54.83 MB)

Your Music 210615 The Slip

1:59:58 minutes (54.92 MB)

Boston-based band The Slip ( avant gard rock/Jazz fusion)

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1:59:47 minutes (54.83 MB)

YM 210701 I-Tal ( tribute to Dave Smeltz)

1:59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

Dave Smeltz was a pillar of the Reggae genre stateside, having co-founded the pioneering Cleveland reggae band I-Tal. He passed away from Covid last week. This show features 2 hours of recordings of I-Tal, and one of Dave performing a Bob Marley classic with a choir.

YM 210601 Chango Monks and Miles

1:59:58 minutes (54.92 MB)

1st hour; The Chango Monks, a psychadelic improv band from Switzerland
2nd hour; Miles Davis live-recorded performance

YM 210413 Music of Kenya

1:59:27 minutes (54.68 MB)

A survey of popular music from Kenya in numerous genres, with an appreciative nod to our postal carrier, Matt, who just returned from a month-long trip to Kenya where he got married

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