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From the City to the Country Part 7: Rural Health - September 9, 2019

Health is incredibly important, and unfortunately there are many obstacles to getting quality healthcare in rural areas. We’ll be discussing healthcare disparities, the opioid epidemic, and so much more. But before we do that, we’ll be addressing more rural myths in order to give you a more accurate idea of rural health and culture.

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From the City to the Country Part 6: Rural Recreation

This week Youth Beat explores different things to do in rural areas all over the world. We’ll hear about a popular youth organization that originated right in rural Ohio, and is now popular all over the world, as well as some other fun past times and sights to see in Ohio. But that’s not all, pack your bags because we’ll be learning about China’s annual spring festival, as well as giving you some road trip ideas here in the US. Featuring students from The Ohio State University course Intro to Rural Sociology 1500.

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Adjusting to College - August 19, 2019

How do you adjust to college life? Learn about living in the residence halls, getting involved, and other tips for a successful transition to college.

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From the City to the Country Part 5: From Farm to Table

We're back with OSU students in Dr. Kristi Lekies' Rural Sociology course, discussing rural life in the 5th episode of our From the City to the Country series. This series serves to highlight rural life according to the voices of OSU students, many of whom have grown up in rural places in Ohio and beyond. Tonight we are taking a look at where our food comes from and issues affecting food and agriculture, as well as ways to produce your own food. So grab your plates and feast your ears on these delicious segments.

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The World Outside Our Window - July 29, 2019

On this week's episode of Youth Beat Radio, we'll meet two teens using an internship to unite a community affected by gun violence, middle school and high school students working with Case Western University to study ecosystems in northern Ohio, and a family discussing the importance of getting outdoors at the Miami Valley No Child Left Inside Conference. We'll also take a look at Ohio's forests, the history behind them, and a popular bird that resides in them.

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Bottles & Blades - July 22, 2019

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This week Youth Beat tackles the familiar and the unfamiliar. We'll take a trip to a lovely local park system, where a Naturalist and her student walk us through a program on recycling. Then we'll head to every kid's dream: sword practice. Come explore the new, the old, and the in between. Eco-Beat features a story on environmental injustice and prison populations. Plus our weekly Creature Feature and Quote.

School's Out - July 15, 2019

This week on Youth Beat we’re featuring organizations that teach youth outside of the classroom. There’s so much to learn in life, whether it’s about the earth we live on, the food we grow, or interacting with those around us and having a positive impact.

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Leading and Legislating - July 8, 2019

Youth Beat Radio is pleased to support youth taking the lead on so many critical community and environmental issues. This week we continue our coverage on youth in government by featuring the Junior State of America Ohio River Valley Chapter at their annual state conference held at the Ohio Statehouse. We talk with Ohio River Valley Chapter former Governor Gene Kim and Deputy Director of Political Activism Jacob Kravitz. They discuss what they've learned during their time in JSA and how this student run organization can lead to greater understanding of current issues, the legislative process, and lifelong leadership skills. We'll also hear from reporter Nicole Jackson who met with leaders at the Children in Nature Network to discuss how they're getting youth active in nature. Finally, we'll wrap up with an OSU student Khalid talking about the effects of a natural disaster on the other side of the world in Somalia, and what we can do to help.

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Leading and Legislating - July 1, 2019

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Youth Empowerment - June 24, 2019

This week we explore an organization run by youth for youth who are politically active known as the Junior State of America. Former JSA State Governor, Weston Lindner, talks with us about how high school students can be civically active and about the benefits that come with being involved in an organization like the JSA. We also take a look at youth voting trends, teaching professionalism to high schoolers in rural schools, and an opportunity for students to express environmental issues to the public through displaying art.

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