# 296 - 1959: Music and Headlines

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Castro takes over Cuba. Alaska and Hawaii enter Statehood. NASA introduces the Mercury Seven. Bonanza becomes the first regular TV series to air in color. Three of Rock and Roll's finest rising stars are killed in a plane crash on "The Day The Music Died". Nixon and Khruschev have the first Big Table at the Kitchen Table.

Making their debuts in 1959: The Grammy Awards, Pantyhose, Motown Records, The St. Lawrence Seaway, BIC Ballpoint Pen, the 50-Star American Flag, and Barbie (and Ken)

Here at home, City Council President Westlake defeats Mayor Sensenbrenner in the November Mayoral Election. The Columbus Citizen and Ohio State Journal merge into one as The Columbus Citizen-Journal. Kingsdale Shopping Center is built on 38 acres of land in Upper Arlington. A flood sweeps through Ohio in January. Michael DiSalle is sworn in as Ohio's Governor.

GRAMMYS (Held for the Very First Time):
Record/Song of the Year: "Volare" (Domenico Modugno)
Album of the Year: Soundtrack from Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini)

OSCARS (for 1958 films):
Best Picture: Gigi (a perfect 9-for-9)
Best Actor: David Niven, Separate Tables
Best Actress: Susan Hayward, I Want to Live!
Best Supporting Actor: Burl Ives, The Big Country
Best Supporting Actress: Wendy Hiller, Separate Tables
Best Director: Vincente Minnelli, Gigi
Best Original Song: "Gigi" (by Lerner & Loewe)


NCAA Basketball: Cal-Berkeley Golden Bears
NCAA Football: Syracuse Orangemen
Big Ten Football: Wisconsin Badgers
NFL: Baltimore Colts
NBA: Boston Celtics (this was the very first Celtics/Lakers NBA Finals, and the ONLY one when the Lakers were still in Minnesota)
Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens
World Series: Los Angeles Dodgers (first World Series since moving from Brooklyn)
The Game: Michigan

Best Play -
Best Musical - Redhead

1959 Facts - https://molinehigh1959.webs.com/1959.htm

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