The Other Side of the News 081018-Ohio 12th district election

Bob and Dan talk about the 12th district election between Balderson and O'Connor

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Bob and Dan talk about the 12th district election between Balderson and O'Connor

Conscious Voices anti-Trump rally

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Ad Hoc coalition Columbus United organized a march and rally protesting the Trump/Republican agenda on Tuesday, Nov, 30th that drew between 900 and 1,000 people (817 on the march, with more joining at the statehouse). Speakers included a Muslim student, an un-documented immigrant, an African immigrant, and racial justice activists. Full audio featured in this show. Photo courtesy of Jose Luis Mas

Conscious Voices Arizona Election Fraud, Sanders and Clinton on Israel, and Joe Motil on gentrification

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Arizona was a crime scene on Tuesday where election fraud was perpetrated on a massive scale, reflecting a problem that has nation-wide implications since the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. We have a number of reports from Arizona and some analysis, plus a look at Sanders and Clinton's positions on Israel, and an excerpt from an interview with community activist Joe Motil on gentrification in Columbus' North side.

We Made A Decision Already (Now GO HOME!!!!)

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Tonight on the show, Election Results for U.S. President, and selected U.S. Senate & U.S. Congressional Races, plus Franklin County races for Ohio House, and the contested races in Franklin County government (Sheriff, Treasurer, Recorder, County Commissioner, Common Pleas Judge).

Biff and Raff chime in on the Presidential Election as well.

Let's Make A Decision Already

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Tonight on the show, ALL THINGS Election!!!!

- U.S. President, U.S. Senate, Congress, Ohio House, Franklin County Races
- Sketches lampooning the Romneys and an Obama sketch lampooning TWO 1984 Reagan campaign ads
- Don't miss the last five minutes.

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