Conscious Voices Ohio Elections, Fracking in the Wayne

59:58 minutes (54.9 MB)

Interview with Progress Ohio executive director Sandy Theiss about voter supression in Ohio and also the general contentiousness of the 2016 Federal election.
Audio from a picket at Republican senator Rob Portman's offices regarding proposed fracking leases in the Wayne National Forest and some audio clips about the standoff at Standing Rock.

Conscious Voices, Fracking the Wayne pt 2

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Hard to believe it's been 4 years since I attended, and reported on an "open house" by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources regarding proposed oil and gas ("fracking") leases in the Wayne National Forest. Plans to auction thnose leases are now being fast-tracked, but a coalition of environmental groups is gearing up to fight it. Recently the Ohio Revolution, the local affiliate of Bernie Sanders' national group, "Our Revolution" held a strategy session in Columbus to help coordinate that campaign. Audio featured in this show from that meeting features representatives from the Ohio Environmental Council, The Buckeye Forest Council, Athens County Fracking Action Network, and the Ohio Sierra Club.

The Other Side of the News September 5, 2016 - Current ant-fracking activities in Ohio

Bob interviews Greg Pace about the Columbus Community Bill of Rights and Ohio anti-fracking efforts

28:50 minutes (26.4 MB)

Bob interviews Greg Pace about the Columbus Community Bill of Rights and Ohio anti-fracking efforts

Conscious Voices Fracking Contamination

1:00:00 minutes (54.94 MB)

eologist Julie Rice-Weatherington's presentation at a day-long conference on the consequences of Fracking at the Ohio statehouse.

The Other Side of the News November 23, 2015 - Ohio Community Bill of Rights

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Bob talks with Tom Linzy of CELDF and Tish O'Dell who ran the campaign for a community bill of rights in Broadview Heights, Ohio, about the legal aspects of our municipal governments and how the fracking companies have authority over the people in the neighborhoods -- and how a movement to pass an Ohio Bill of Rights could stop it.

Conscious Voices Fracking developments and killer cop protests

59:17 minutes (54.27 MB)

Interview with Allison Auciello ofFood and Water Watch at a protest against fracking in Columbus, audio from an early Ferguson protest attacked by police,and audio from a press conference in Dayton with the family of John Crawford

The Other Side of the News July 7, 2014 - The Effort to Pass a Columbus City Community Bill of Rights

29:36 minutes (27.11 MB)

Bob talks with Carolyn Harding, organizer for the Community Bill of Rights, the effort to provide rights for clean air, water, soil, and against toxins in the environment

The Other Side of the News April 21, 2014 - Dennis Lambert, Green candidate for Congress

29:29 minutes (26.99 MB)

Bob interviews Dennis Lambert, running for the 6th district U.S. Congress in Ohio for the Green Party.

The Other Side of the News Feb. 24, 2014 - FBI report warns about "eco-terrorist" fracking activists

29:50 minutes (27.32 MB)

Bob and Gerry talk about an FBI report that showed a photo of local fractivist Madeline ffitch and implying those against fracking should be considered terrorists.

Conscious Voices Injection well protest Athens, plus more Seeger

59:40 minutes (54.64 MB)

8 people were arrested at a protest near Athens for blocking an access road to a fracking waste injection well. Audio from a video report including actualities from the protest plus part of a Pacifica Archives tribute to Pete Seeger

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