rayshard brooks

# 341 - Goodbye, Christopher Columbus (and Aunt Jemima)!

59:51 minutes (54.8 MB)

Tonight on the Show:
- COVID-19 Roundup:
- Anyone in Ohio can NOW get a Test
- The Elephant In the Room

- Daytime Emmys - Who Wins?
- How CBS Daytime is celebrating this week
- Primetime Emmys
- Who is hosting? When is the Ceremony?
- Nominations and Nomination Voting pushed back TWO Weeks
- Academy Awards
- Everything Pushed back TWO Months

The Weekend Warrior previews the Haus Und Garten Virtual Pre-Tour and Virtual Comfest.

The Monologue (CUT for TIME): http://wcrsfm.org/content/goodbye-columbus-and-aunt-jemima-cut-time
COTA Problems (on Medium, you need to subscribe to Read It): https://medium.com/@ryanvollrath/do-better-cota-a9a597f5c85e
Free Press on COTA: https://columbusfreepress.com/article/cota-falling-behind-re-opening-sta...

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