Witches Brew- Episode 20

Down Home (For The Catbird)

Track List:
1. Connie Converse- Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)
2. Jean Ritchie- The L+M Don't Stop Here Anymore
3. Sarah Ogan Gunning- I Hate the Company Bosses
4. Etta Baker- Railroad Bill
5. The DeZurik Sisters- The Arizona Yodeler
6. The Kossoy Sisters- The Banks of the Ohio
7. The Carter Family- Wildwood Flower
8. Hazel Dickens- West Virginia My Home
9. Molly O'Day- Living the Right Life Now
10. Mary Z. Cox- Sugar Hill
11. Ola Belle Reed- High on the Mountain
12. Hedy West- The Sheffield Apprentice
13. Tatiana Hargreaves- Pretty Saro
14. Berzilla Wallin- Conversation with Death (Oh Death)
15. Elizabeth Cotton- Freight Train
16. Blind Mamie Forehand- Honey in the Rock
17. Geeshie Wiley- Last Kind Words Blues
18. Nora Brown- Cumberland Gap