Audio by artist witches_brew

Witches Brew - Episode 1


51:47 minutes (66.39 MB)

Track List
1. Karen Dalton- Something On Your Mind
2. Judee Sill- Jesus Was a Cross Maker
3. Joni Mitchell- Help Me
4. Linda Perhacs- Paper Mountain Man
5. Judy Henske- Buckeye Jim
6. Nico- These Days
7. Sibylle Baier- Give Me a Smile
8. Laura Nyro- Stoned Soul Picnic
9. The Roches- Hammond Song
10. Vashti Bunyan- Diamond Day
11. Bridget St. John- Curl Your Toes
12. Tia Blake- Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
13. Kath Bloom- Pass Through Here
14. Elizabeth Cotten- Vastopol
15. Buffy Sainte-Marie- Little Wheel Spin and Spin
16. Mimi and Richard Farina- V.

Witches Brew - Episode 2


52:41 minutes (57.08 MB)

Track List
1. Ms. Tyree "Sugar" Jones- If You Feel It
2. Helene Smith- A Woman Will Do Wrong
3. Cherry Blend- Love Is Gone
4. Love Apple- There's No Answer Without You
5. Majestic Arrows- I'll Never Cry for Another Boy
6. The Tonettes- Teardrop Sea
7. Krystal Generation- Satisfied
8. Eula Cooper- Shake Daddy Shake
9. Velma Perkins- Yes, My Goodness Yes
10. Mae Young- The Man Puts Sugar in My Soul
11. The Du-Ettes- If You Need Me
12. Jackie Shane- Comin' Down
13. Gloria Ann Taylor- Love Is a Hurtin' Thing
14. Darling Dears- I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another
15. Betty Harris- I'm Gonna Git Ya
16. Josephine Taylor- I've Made Up My Mind
17. Penny & The Quarters- You and Me

Witches Brew - Episode 3

Adult Contemporary

53:41 minutes (65.03 MB)

Track List
1. Nicolette Larson- Lotta Love
2. Cher- I Found Someone
3. Sophie B. Hawkins- Right Beside You
4. Whitney Houston- Who Do You Love
5. Donna Summer- State of Independence
6. Sinead O'Connor- Nothing Compares 2 U
7. This Mortal Coil- Song to the Siren
8. Sade- Paradise
9. Olivia Newton John- Please Don't Keep Me Waiting
10. Fleetwood Mac- Dreams
11. Sarah McLachlan- Sweet Surrender
12. Kate Bush- This Woman's Work

Witches Brew - Episode 4

Avant Garde

54:46 minutes (68.11 MB)

Track List
1. Yoko Ono- Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for a Hand in the Snow)
2. Emmanuelle Parenin- Topaze
3. Nico- Mutterlein
4. Cosey Fanni Tutti- A. mist while sleeping
5. Dagmar Krause, Marie Goyette- Wake Up, Angel
6. Meredith Monk- Edge
7. Brigitte Fontaine- Eros
8. Anita Lane- Blume
9. Diamanda Galas- Artemis
10. Kim Gordon- Murdered Out
11. Lydia Lunch- Tied and Twist
12. Diane Labrosse, Ikue Mori- Subterraneus Labyrinthus
13. Bjork- My Spine
14. Mary Halvorson- Cheshire Hotel

Witches Brew - Episode 5

90's Alt Rock

52:22 minutes (69.59 MB)

Track List
1. Paula Cole- Mississippi
2. Hole- Jennifer's Body
3. Letters to Cleo- Rim Shack
4. Cat Power- Cross Bones Style
5. Helium- Medusa
6. Garbage- Butterfly Collector
7. The Breeders- When I Was A Painter
8. PJ Harvey- O Stella
9. Veruca Salt- Victrola
10. That Dog- Anymore
11. Throwing Muses- Start
12. Sleater-Kinney- The Drama You've Been Craving
13. Juliana Hatfield- Swan Song
14. Belly- Stay
15. The Cranberries- The Icicle Melts

Witches Brew- Episode 6


57:02 minutes (130.53 MB)

Track List
1. Althea and Donna- Make A Truce
2. Barbara Jones- Slim Boy
3. Phyllis Dillon- Perfidia
4. Myrna Hague- What About Me
5. Hortense Ellis- Baby Come On
6. Susan Cadogan- Rich Girl
7. Cynthia Richards- I Can't Wait
8. Judy Mowatt- Sisters Chant
9. Jerry Jones- Compared to What
10. Joya Landis- Moonlight Lover
11. Sister Nancy- One Two
12. Jennifer Lara- Consider Me
13. The Gaylettes- Silent River Runs Deep
14. TT Rose- When I Was a Little Girl
15. Yvonne Harrison- Near To You
16. Marcia Griffiths- Green Grasshopper
17. Millie Small- My Love and I

Witches Brew- Episode 7


55:28 minutes (126.97 MB)

Track List
1. Vi Redd- Summertime
2. Melba Liston & Randy Weston- Sad Beauty Blues
3. Mary Lou Williams- Koolbonga
4. Nina Simone- Memphis in June
5. Shirley Scott- A Shot in the Dark
6. The Carla Bley Band- Walking Batteriewoman
7. Bobbi Humphrey- The Trip
8. Patty Waters- Moon, Don't Come Up Tonight
9. Alice Coltrane- Atomic Peace
10. Dorothy Ashby- Soul Vibrations
11. Cindy Blackman- The Drums and Me
12. Asha Puthli- Right Down Here
13. Annette Peacock- Gesture Without Plot
14. Marilyn Crispell- For These Walls

Witches Brew- Episode 8


55:05 minutes (126.09 MB)

Track List
1. June Carter Cash- Tall Lover Man
2. Rose Maddox- Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me
3. Tammy Wynette- Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
4. Patsy Cline- Strange
5. Sammi Smith- Don't Blow No Smoke on Me
6. Lucinda Williams- Happy Woman Blues
7. Jeannie C. Riley- Widow Jones
8. Emmylou Harris- Ooh Las Vegas
9. Tanya Tucker- What's Your Momma's Name Child
10. Loretta Lynn- Out of My Head and Back in My Bed
11. Kitty Wells- Making Believe
12. Lynn Anderson- Rose Garden
13. Gillian Welch- Tear My Stillhouse Down
14. Connie Smith- Way Up on the Mountain
15. Iris DeMent- Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day
16. Billie Jo Spears- It Makes No Difference
17. Dottie West- Don't Touch Me
18. Bobbie Gentry- Fancy

Witches Brew- Episode 9


52:36 minutes (120.39 MB)

Track List
1. Rose Chronicles- Brick and Glue
2. Lush- Fantasy
3. Ladytron- Laughing Cavalier
4. The Casket Girls- Amputated Fate
5. Asobi Seksu- Nefi + Girly
6. Swirlies- Pancake
7. Cocteau Twins- Persephone
8. A Sunny Day in Glasgow- Wake Up Pretty
9. SPC ECO- LOL the Witch is Dead
10. The Joy Formidable- Austere
11. Mazzy Star- Blue Light
12. Chimera- Lately
13. Wolf Alice- Freazy
14. Slowdive- Visions of LA
15. Julee Cruise- The Space for Love

Witches Brew- Episode 10


55:39 minutes (127.39 MB)

Track List
1. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Suburban Relapse
2. X- Nausea
3. The Raincoats- Life on the Line
4. The Bags- Survive
5. Lunachicks- Glad I'm Not Yew
6. X-Ray Spex- The Day the World Turned Day-Glo
7. Neo Boys- Rich Man's Dreams
8. The Slits- Typical Girls
9. L7- Pretend We're Dead
10. Bush Tetras- Too Many Creeps
11. Plasmatics- Test Tube Babies
12. Crass- Walls (Fun in the Oven)
13. Kleenex- Ain't You
14. The Muffs- Oh Nina

Witches Brew- Episode 11

New Wave

56:42 minutes (129.77 MB)

Track List
1. Lene Lovich- Lucky Number
2. The Motels- Night by Night
3. Eurythmics- Revenge
4. The Go-Go's- This Town
5. The B-52's- 52 Girls
6. Berlin- The Metro
7. Altered Images- A Days Wait
8. Bow Wow Wow- (I'm A) TV Savage
9. Nina Hagen- Cosmic Shiva
10. Can Can- Oppenheimer
11. 'Til Tuesday- Coming Up Close
12. The Bangles- Tell Me
13. The Cosmopolitians- (How to Keep Your) Husband Happy

Witches Brew- Episode 12


54:47 minutes (125.4 MB)

Track List
1. Suzanne Doucet, Gary Miraz- Dancing Shadows
2. Sara Ayers- Winter and the Sound of Nothing
3. Pauline Anna Strom- Virgin Ice
4. MJ Guider- Fiction Control
5. Mary Lattimore- Princess Nicotine (1909)
6. Marielle V Jakobsons- Crystal Orchard
7. Lisa Gerrard- Serenity
8. Karen Gwyer- Part B
9. Julianna Barwick- Bob in Your Gait
10. Grouper- Wind and Snow
11. Colleen- Babies
12. Brambles- Pink and Golden Billows

Witches Brew- Episode 13

Local Ladies

53:20 minutes (122.07 MB)

Witches Brew- Episode 14

The Resurrection

21:46 minutes (39.87 MB)

Track List
1. Laurie Anderson- From the Air
2. Annette Peacock- I'm the One
3. Valentina Goncharova- Contemplation
4. The Space Lady- Fly Like an Eagle
5. Antena- Achilles
6. Karen Marks- Cold Cafe'
7. Virna Lindt- Underwater Boy
8. Anna Domino- Please Don't
9. Jacqueline Humbert- Wild About the Lady
10. Mary Halvorson- The Beast
11. Maggi Payne- Gamelan
12. Meredith Monk- Cave Song
13. Hassle Hound- A Song Seldom Sung

Witches Brew Episode 15

Election Thoughts

59:00 minutes (81.03 MB)

Track List
1. Betty Davis- Politician Man
2. Mavis Staples- Eyes on the Prize
3. Roberta Flack- Compared to What
4. Nina Simone- Mississippi Goddamn
5. Odetta- Masters of War
6. Malvina Reynolds- I Don't Mind Failing
7. Dolly Parton- Just Because I'm a Woman
8. Loretta Lynn- The Pill
9. Dory Previn- How'm I Gonna Keep Myself Together
10. Elyse Weinberg- Houses
11. Lesley Gore- You Don't Own Me
12. Helen Reddy- I Am Woman
13. Yoko Ono- Now or Never

Witches Brew- Episode 16

It's Halloween!

59:44 minutes (109.38 MB)

Track List
1. The Shaggs- It's Halloween
2. Ruth White- The Litanies of Satan
3. Q Lazzarus- Goodbye Horses
4. Lene Lovich- The Insect Eater
5. Tom Tom Club- Dogs in the Trash
6. The Breeders- Hag
7. The Raincoats- The Void
8. Buffy Sainte-Marie- God is Alive, Magic is Afoot
9. Diamanda Galas- Birds of Death
10. Cocteau Twins- Persephone
11. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Night Shift
12. Patti Smith- Revenge
13. Norma Tanega- You're Dead

Witches Brew- Episode 17

Sweet Melancholy

58:04 minutes (106.33 MB)

Track List
1. Judee Sill- The Donor
2. Kate + Anna McGarrigle- Heart Like a Wheel
3. Kim Jung Mi- Haenim
4. Sandy Hurvitz- Many Different Things
5. Barbara Keith- Detroit or Buffalo
6. Happy Rhodes- When the Rain Came Down
7. Kate Bush- Cloudbursting
8. Turid- Song
9. Bridget St. John- Autumn Lullaby
10. Ruthann Friedman- Hurried Life
11. Karen Beth- White Dakota Hill
12. Bobbie Gentry- Courtyard
13. Suzanne Menzel- Goodbyes and Beginnings

Witches Brew- Episode 18

Modern Composure

59:57 minutes (109.77 MB)

Track List
1. TALsounds- Soar
2. Lisa Bella Donna- Mystery Rituals
3. Julia Kent- Sheared
4. Lucrecia Dalt- Glass Brain
5. Ann Sweeten- November Firelight
6. Mary Lattimore- Sometimes He's in My Dreams
7. Suzanne Ciani- Snow Crystals
8. Kathryn Shuman- Objects
9. Marina Rosenfeld- I Launch an Attack...
10. Klara Lewis- Shine
11. Josephine Wiggs- Turn to Moss
12. Okkyung Lee- The Longest Morning
13. Joanna Brouk- Going to Sleep
14. Colleen- Soul Alphabet

Witches Brew- Episode 19

Da Doo Ron Ron

1:00:35 minutes (110.94 MB)

Track List
1. The Crystals- Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)
2. The Debs- Doom A Roca
3. The Bobbettes- Look at the Stars
4. The Ad Libs- The Boy from New York City
5. The Chiffons- He's So Fine
6. The Blossoms- Good, Good Lovin'
7. The Shirelles- Baby It's You
8. The Chordettes- All My Sorrows
9. The Three Degrees- No, No Not Again
10. The Chantels- The Plea
11. Candletts- It's Misery
12. The Poni-Tails- Born Too Late
13. The Darlettes- Sweet Kind of Loneliness
14. The Jelly Beans- I Wanna Love Him So Bad
15. The Tonettes- Teardrop Sea
16. The Orlons- The Wah Watusi
17. The Ikettes- I'm Blue (The Gong Gong Song)
18. Candy + The Kisses- Tonight's the Night
19. The Raindrops- The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget
20. The Exciters- Do Wah Diddy
21. The Angels- My Boyfriend's Back
22. Sugar N' Spice- Come Go with Me
23. The Ronettes- Be My Baby

Witches Brew- Episode 1 (Re-run)

51:47 minutes (66.39 MB)

Witches Brew- Episode 20

Down Home (For The Catbird)

1:00:43 minutes (111.19 MB)

Track List:
1. Connie Converse- Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)
2. Jean Ritchie- The L+M Don't Stop Here Anymore
3. Sarah Ogan Gunning- I Hate the Company Bosses
4. Etta Baker- Railroad Bill
5. The DeZurik Sisters- The Arizona Yodeler
6. The Kossoy Sisters- The Banks of the Ohio
7. The Carter Family- Wildwood Flower
8. Hazel Dickens- West Virginia My Home
9. Molly O'Day- Living the Right Life Now
10. Mary Z. Cox- Sugar Hill
11. Ola Belle Reed- High on the Mountain
12. Hedy West- The Sheffield Apprentice
13. Tatiana Hargreaves- Pretty Saro
14. Berzilla Wallin- Conversation with Death (Oh Death)
15. Elizabeth Cotton- Freight Train
16. Blind Mamie Forehand- Honey in the Rock
17. Geeshie Wiley- Last Kind Words Blues
18. Nora Brown- Cumberland Gap

Witches Brew- Episode 21


1:00:38 minutes (111.04 MB)

Track List
1. Persona- Som
2. Bacamarte, Jane Duboc- Passaro de Luz
3. Tete Espindola- Sertao
4. Os Mutantes- O Relogio
5. Elza Soares- Luz Vermelha
6. Gal Costa- Cultura E Civilizacao
7. Vanusa- Atomico Platonico
8. Angela Ro Ro- Balada Da Arrasada
9. Flora Purim- A Morte De Um Deus De Sal
10. Doris Monteiro- E Isso Ai
11. Amelinha- Frevo Mulher
12. Dona Onete- No Meio do Pitiu
13. Fafa de Belem- Tamba-Taja
14. Rosinha De Valenca- Concierto de Aranjuez
15. Rita Lee- Calma
16. Maria Bethania- Iansa
17. Elis Regina- Aguas De Marco

Witches Brew- Episode 17 (Rebroadcast)

Sweet Melancholy

58:04 minutes (106.33 MB)

Rebroadcast due to technical difficulties.

Witches Brew- Episode 22

My Favorite Things

58:49 minutes (107.69 MB)

Track List
1. Carole King- Home Again
2. Karen Beth- Come December
3. Joni Mitchell- River
4. Alice Coltrane- My Favorite Things
5. Patty Waters- Why Can't I Come to You
6. Kath Bloom + Loren Connors- There Was a Boy
7. The Roches- Pretty and High
8. Linda Perhacs- Parallelograms
9. Erica Pomerance- Koanisphere
10. Fifty Foot Hose- Rose
11. Annette Peacock- One Way
12. Judee Sill- Lopin' Along Thru the Cosmos

Witches Brew- Episode 23

Jan 2021 Releases

59:58 minutes (109.8 MB)

Track List
1. Conny Frischauf- Parapiri
2. Surgeons Girl- Clouded Temper| Small Steps
3. Rachel Palmer- Dissimilar Materials
4. Chicaloyoh- Psychophonie pour les oiseaux disparus
5. Lila Tristam- Anymore
6. Denise Johnson- Steal Me Easy
7. Margo Guryan- Love Songs
8. Henrietta Smith-Rolla- A Song for Him
9. Josie Cotton- He Could Be the One
10. PJ Harvey- No Girl So Sweet
11. Speed Stick + Kelley Deal- Knots
12. Goat Girl- Sad Cowboy (Edit)
13. Bona Fide- Envy
14. Joana Guerra- Rajada
15. Nailah Hunter- Talisman
16. Midnight Sister- Foxes
17. Star Feminine Band- Iseo

Witches Brew- Episode 24

Southeast Asia

58:52 minutes (107.8 MB)

Track List
1. Dengue Fever- Sleepwalking Through the Mekong
2. Connie Kim- Ly Luan Tinh Yeu
3. Hoang Oanh- Mua Gat Moi
4. Liu Guan Lin- Fire
5. Chaweewan Dumnern- Lam Toey Chaweewan
6. Emillia Contessa- Renggong Manis
7. Huoy Meas- Unique Child
8. Diah Iskandar- Seruling Bambu
9. Carol Kim- Sai Gon
10. The Cat- Meow
11. Poev Vanary- It's Too Late
12. Onuma Singsiri- Mae Kha Som Tam
13. Judy Teng- Looking for Love
14. Dara Chom Chan- Give Me One Kiss
15. Mai Le Huyen- Nho Minh Anh Thoi
16. Elly Kasim- Ayah
17. Angkanang Kunchai- Kid Hod Chu

Witches Brew- Episode 25


59:16 minutes (108.53 MB)

Track List
1. Nic0- I'll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan)
2. Mama Cass Elliot- Disney Girls (The Beach Boys)
3. Joni Mitchell- Sugar Mountain (Neil Young)
4. Roberta Flack- Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen)
5. Claudine Longet- I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (Randy Newman)
6. Cher- The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (Scott Walker)
7. The Ronettes- I Can Hear Music (covered by The Beach Boys)
8. Cowboy Junkies- Sweet Jane (The Velvet Underground)
9. Patti Smith- Words of Love (Buddy Holly)
10. Kathy McCarty- Living Life (Daniel Johnston)
11. Melissa Sellers- Live Forever (Billy Joe Shaver)
12. Buffy Sainte-Marie- Helpless (Neil Young)
13. Karen Dalton- Reason to Believe (Tim Hardin)
14. Lucinda Williams- Nothin' (Townes Van Zandt)
15. Cat Power- Troubled Waters (Michael Hurley)
16. Dot Wiggin Band- End of the World (Skeeter Davis)

Witches Brew- Episode 26

Feb 2021 Releases

59:31 minutes (108.99 MB)

Track List
1. Ale Hop- Pollinators
2. Stella Chiweshe- Njuzu
3. L'Imperatrice- Peur des files
4. Valerie Dore- The Night
5. Emtidi- Traume
6. Nancy Sinatra- Sugar Town
7. Carole King- Beautiful
8. Jewel- Who Will Save Your Soul
9. Rebecca + The Sunny Brook Farmers- Love
10. Patricia Brennan- Improvisation VI
11. Marika Politissa- Prigipiotissa
12. Coisa Nossa- Chega Gente
13. Elia y Elizabeth- Fue una Lagrima
14. Pauline Anna Strom- Marking Time
15. Camila Fuchs- Moon's Mountain

Witches Brew- Episode 27

Mothers of Hip-Hop

58:12 minutes (106.58 MB)

Track List
1. JJ Fad- Eeenie Meenie Beats
2. Oaktown's 3.5.7.- It's Not Your Money
3. MC Lyte- Don't Cry Big Girls
4. Ms. Melodie- B...B...B...Bklyn
5. Monie Love- Ring My Bell
6. Wanda Dee- Let Me Feel the Sound
7. Lisa Lee- When Can I Call You
8. Missy Elliott- The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
9. Bahamadia- Spontaneity
10. Queen Latifah- Coochie Bang
11. Roxanne Shante- Bad Sister
12. Sweet Tee- As the Beat Goes On
13. Nefertiti- Mecca to Watts
14. Sister Souljah- The Hate that Hate Produced

Witches Brew- Episode 28

Patron Saint- Yoko Ono

59:02 minutes (108.1 MB)

Track List
1. Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All Over the City
2. Mind Holes
3. Death of Samantha
4. O' Sanity
5. I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window
6. Kiss Kiss Kiss
7. She Hits Back
8. Born in a Prison
10. Moving Mountains
11. Why
12. Why Not
13. Loneliness

Witches Brew- Episode 29

March 2021 Releases

56:59 minutes (104.35 MB)

Track List
1. Sofia Kourtesis- By Your Side
2. Teyana Taylor feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill- We Got Love
3. Lava La Rue- Magpie
4. Marika Politissa- Prigipiotissa
5. Elza Soares- As Polegadas Da Mulata
6. Jacqueline Taieb- 7 AM
7. Marie Knight- That's No Way to Treat a Girl
8. Annie Girardot- Isalaide
9. Nermin Niazi- Sari Sari Raat
10. Jane Inc.- Gem (Single Edit)
11. Virginia Wing- Soft Fruit
12. The Person- Nice Feeling
13. Stephanie Lottermoser- Hype
14. Emily A. Sprague- Moon View
15. Susan Alcorn- Suite for Ahl

Witches Brew- Episode 30

Songs for Spring

58:35 minutes (107.26 MB)

Track List
1. Ella Fitzgerald- Spring is Here
2. Mary Lou Williams- It Ain't Necessarily So
3. Nina Simone- My Baby Just Cares for Me
4. Sarah Vaughan- Jump for Joy
5. Peggy Lee- It's a Good Day
6. Judee Sill- There's a Rugged Road
7. Maggie + Terre Roche- Down the Dream
8. Bridget St. John- Barefeet and Hot Pavement
9. Joni Mitchell- Michael from Mountains
10. Fleetwood Mac- Songbird
11. Nico- Lawns of Dawn
12. Joanna Brouk- Golden Cloud Layers
13. Saule Kilaite- Nightingale
14. Anna Yarbrough- Spring/ The Promise
15. Pauline Anna Strom- Gossamer Silk

Witches Brew- Episode 31

How Does Your Garden Grow?

1:00:07 minutes (110.07 MB)

Track List
1. Anna St. Louis- Daisy
2. Joni Mitchell- For the Roses
3. Lynn Anderson- Rose Garden
4. Bobbie Gentry- Sweet Peony
5. Shannon + The Clams- You Will Always Bring Me Flowers
6. Minnie Riperton- Les Fleurs
7. Dorothy Ashby- Little Sunflower
8. Nina Simone- Lilac Wine
9. Enya- Sumiregusa (Wild Violet)
10. Kelly Moran- Aster
11. Flora Yin-Wong- Of the Ferns
12. Makiko Hirabayashi- Life of a Cactus
13. Virginia Wing- Michael Returns to the Garden
14. Michele Mercure- Tree of Knowledge
15. Carla Bley- Fleur Carnivore (Live)

Witches Brew- Episode 32

April 2021 Releases

58:44 minutes (107.53 MB)

Track List
1. Luca Yupanqui- V2.2 (Sounds of the Unborn, April 2)
2. Sook-Yin Lee- Run Away With Her (Juug 2, April 16)
3. Romy- Lifetime (Lifetime Remixes, April 9)
4. Tiffany- I Think We're Alone Now (I Think We're Alone Now, April 23)
5. Laurie Anderson- O Superman (Big Science, April 9)
6. Sarah Louise- Jewel of the Blueridge (Earth Bow, April 30)
7. Thanya Iyer- Let the Smoke Clear (KIND, April 9)
8. Clarissa Connelly- Holler (The Voyager, April 20)
9. Female Species- Till the Moon Don't Shine (Tale of My Lost Love, April 9)
10. Naomi Lewis- Images of You (Seagulls + Sunflowers, April 23)
11. Saint Just- Dolci Momenti (Saint Just, April 2)
12. Gretchen Parlato- Rosa (Flor, April 9)
13. Alice Coltrane- Huntington Ashram Monastery (Huntington Ashram Monastery, April 2)

Witches Brew- Episode 33

90's New Jack Swing

1:00:11 minutes (110.21 MB)

Track List
1. Nuttin' Nyce- Down 4 Whateva
2. En Vogue- My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
3. Jade- Don't Walk Away
4. Nicole Renee Harris- Strawberry
5. Zhane'- Sending My Love
6. Beverley Knight feat. Redman- Made It Back
7. Mariah Carey- Emotions
8. Nona Gaye- I'm Overjoyed
9. Helen Bruner- Do Ya
10. Lisa Lisa + Cult Jam- Let the Beat Hit 'Em
11. Patra- Pull Up to the Bumper
12. Tina Moore, Kelley G.- Never Gonna Let You Go
13. Shanice- Don't Wanna Love You
14. D-Influence- Hypnotize

Witches Brew- Episode 34

Songs About Food

59:04 minutes (108.17 MB)

Track List
1. The Marvelettes- Mashed Potato Time
2. Dee Dee Sharp- Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)
3. The Supremes- Buttered Popcorn
4. Wendy Rene- Bar-B-Q
5. Erykah Badu- Appletree
6. Sade- Cherry Pie
7. Carole King- Chicken Soup with Rice
8. Dolly Parton- Applejack
9. Nancy Wilson- I'm Always Drunk in San Francisco
10. Doris Day- Tacos, Enchiladas and Beans
11. Julia Lee and Her Boyfriends- The Spinach Song
12. Doris Day + The Les Brown Orchestra- Celery Stalks at Midnight
13. Ella Fitzgerald- Hotta Chocolatta
14. Dinah Shore- Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy
15. Nellie Lutcher- A Chicken Ain't Nothing But a Bird
16. Bessie Smith- Gimme a Pigfood and a Bottle of Beer
17. Nina Simone- I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl
18. Susan Christie- I Love Onions

Witches Brew- Episode 35

Turkish Psychedelic Folk

57:41 minutes (105.63 MB)

Track List
1. Nese Karabocek- Yali Yali
2. Esmeray- Ayrilik Olsa Bile
3. Kamuran Akkor- Dusmanlarim Catlasin
4. Melike Demirag- Sulukule Kavgasi
5. Gulden Karabocek- Artik Sorma Beni
6. Gaye Su Akyole- Hemserim Memleket Nire
7. Nazan Soray- Hal Hal
8. Gul Sorgun- Ara Leyli
9. Satellites- Deli Deli
10. Senay- Honki Ponki
11. Selda Bagcan- Gesi Baglari
12. Derya Yildirim + Grup Simsek- Gurbet
13. Nur Yoldas- Sultan-i Yegah
14. Ajda Pekkan- Gozunaydin
15. Nil Burak- Tatli Tatli

Witches Brew- Episode 36

May 2021 Vinyl Releases + Reissues

59:17 minutes (108.54 MB)

Track List
1. Elkka- Burnt Orange (Edit) from Euphoric Melodies (May 21)
2. Colleen- Implosion-Explosion from The Tunnel + The Clearing (May 21)
3. Fatima Al Qadiri- Malaak from Medieval Femme (May 21)
4. Dorothea Paas- Container from Anything Can't Happen (May 7)
5. Annette Peacock- Questions from X-Dreams (May 14)
6. Rosali- Mouth from No Medium (May 7)
7. Bachelor- Anything at All from Doomin' Sun (May 28)
8. Queenadreena- Night Curse from Djin (May 7)
9. Maya Dunietz- Odetta from Free the Dolphin (May 7)
10. Miaux- Orage Impromptu from Back Space, White Cloud (May 21)
11. Yasmin Williams- After the Storm from Urban Driftwood (May 7)
12. Younghi Pagh-Paan- Drisam-Nore from Chamber Works (May 14)

Witches Brew- Episode 37

Sisters with Transistors

59:50 minutes (109.58 MB)

Track List
1. Suzanne Ciani- The First Wave- Birth of Venus
2. Lisa Bella Donna- Night Flights
3. The Space Lady- Synthesize Me
4. Delia Derbyshire- Moogies Bloogies
5. Bebe + Louis Barron- Battle With The Invisible Monster
6. Annette Peacock- I'm the One
7. Wendy Carlos + Rachel Elkind- Main Title (The Shining)
8. Maryanne Amacher- Excerpt from Stain
9. Pauline Oliveros- Body Stories
10. Ruth White- The Cat
11. Daphne Oram- Women's Hour
12. Laurie Spiegel- Riding the Storm
13. Clara Rockmore- The Swan

Witches Brew- Episode 38

Artist Spotlight: Rosali

59:18 minutes (108.58 MB)

Track List
1. Rosali- Pour over Ice
2. Rosali- Rise to Fall
3. Circuit Des Yeux- Brainshift
4. Sandy Denny- Who Knows Where the Time Goes
5. Rosali- If I Was Your Heart
6. Rosali- Tender Heart
7. Rosali- Whatever Love
8. Joni Mitchell- Free Man in Paris
9. Irma Thomas- In Between Tears
10. Rosali- Bones
11. Rosali- Lie to Me
12. Rosali- Dead and Gone
13. Rosali- Waited All Day

Witches Brew- Episode 39

June 2021 Releases

59:46 minutes (109.44 MB)

Track List
1. Anne Clark + Solomun- Take Control (Solomun Tribute Remix)
2. Japanese Breakfast- Be Sweet
3. Patrice Rushen- Forget Me Not
4. Anna Fox Rochinski- Cherry
5. Derya Yildirim + Grup Simsek- Haydar Haydar
6. Penelope Trappes- Northern Light
7. Caterina Barbieri + Kara-Lis Coverdale- Fantas Morbida
8. Tiawa- Sonhos Con De Rosa
9. L'Rain- Two Face
10. Sharon Van Etten + Fiona Apple- Love More (By Fiona Apple)
11. Croque Madame- Eboueurs
12. Marina Allen- Original Goddess
13. Johanna Samuels- High Tide for One
14. K.C. Jones- Queen of the in Between
15. Amythyst Kiah- Wild Turkey

Witches Brew- Episode 41

Beach Jamz

59:45 minutes (109.42 MB)

Track List
1. Minnie Riperton- Lovin' You
2. Saada Bonaire- Your Touch
3. Janet Kay- Silly Games
4. Deborahe Glasgow- Give Me That Touch
5. Carolyn Franklin- Sunshine Holiday
6. Mark + Suzann Farmer- Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
7. Suse Millemann- Patterns
8. Cindy- Another
9. Joni Mitchell- The Hissing of Summer Lawns
10. Dorothy Ashby- Just Had to Tell Somebody
11. Antena- Seaside Weekend
12. These Trails- Psyche I + Share Your Water
13. These Trails- Psyche II
14. Bridget St. John- I Like To Be With You In The Sun
15. Linda Perhacs- Sandy Toes
16. Kim Jung Mi- Unknowingly

Witches Brew- Episode 42

July 2021 Releases

59:40 minutes (109.26 MB)

Track List
1. Aura- Yesterday's Gone
2. Lorraine Johnson- The More I Get, The More I Want
3. Laura Mvula- Got Me
4. Lucrecia Dalt + Aaron Dilloway- The Blob
5. Beatriz Ferreyra- Echos
6. Jana Irmert- Everything Minus All
7. Rebecca Vasmant- Timing's End
8. Hollie Kenniff- Sunset Chant
9. Anna Aaron + Bernard Trontin- Three Rows and Four Wings
10. Derya Yildirim + Grup Simsek- The Trip

Witches Brew- Episode 43

Artist Spotlight: Jen Powers

57:52 minutes (105.95 MB)

Track List
1. Sibylle Baier- Girl
2. Powers/ Rolin Duo- Terraforming from The Autophonia Scioto tape
3. Kath Bloom- The Breeze- My Baby Cries
4. Margaret Berry- The Wild Colonial Boy
5. Joni Mitchell- Lessons in Survival
6. Powers/ Rolin Duo- June from upcoming release Lamplighter
7. Powers/ Rolin Duo- Iridescent from The Nightland
8. Dorothy Carter- Visiting Song
9. Joanna Brouk- Majesty Suites, Entrance of the Queen of Winter Dawn

Witches Brew- Episode 44

August 2021 Vinyl Releases + Reissues

59:33 minutes (109.03 MB)

Track List
1. Yoshiko Sai- Hitano from Fetal Dream (Reissue Aug. 27)
2. Brandee Younger- Reclamation title track (Release Aug. 27)
3. Lucy Gooch- 6AM from Rain's Break (Release Aug. 13)
4. Lucinda Chua- An Avalanche from Antidotes 2 (Release Aug. 13)
5. Precious Bryant- Black Rat Swing from Fool Me Good (Release Aug. 13)
6. Tina Turner- Cussin', Cryin' + Carryin' On single (Reissue Aug. 20)
7. Queen Latifa ft. Monie Love- Ladies First from All Hail the Queen (Reissue Aug. 13)
8. Salt n Pepa- Shoop from Push It (Special Release Aug. 6)
9. Mercenarias- Amor Inimigo from Cade' as Armas? (Reissue Aug. 27)
10. Marisa Anderson with William Tyler- Hurricane Light title track (Release Aug. 27)
11. Anna Aaron with Bernard Troutin- Moonwaves title track (Release Aug. 6)
12. Chrysta Bell- Charlotte Sometimes (The Cure) from Strange as Angels (Release Aug. 27)
13. Maxine Funke- Quiet Shore from Seance (Release Aug. 27)

Witches Brew- Episode 53

Murder Ballads

59:18 minutes (108.6 MB)

Track List
1. The Andrews Sisters- I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded
2. Bessie Smith- Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair
3. Nina Simone- Sinnerman
4. Nancy Sinatra- Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
5. Vicki Lawrence- The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
6. Helen Reddy- Angie Baby
7. Tanya Tucker- Blood Red and Goin' Down
8. The Chicks- Goodbye Earl
9. Betty Smith- Omie Wise
10. Jean Ritchie- False Sir John
11. Ola Belle Reed- Undone in Sorrow
12. Barbara Dane- Little Maggie
13. Coon Creek Girls- Pretty Polly
14. The Kossoy Sisters- The Banks of the Ohio
15. Dolly Parton- Silver Dagger

Witches Brew- Episode 73

We Will Not Go Back

57:35 minutes (105.45 MB)

Track List:
1. Ani DiFranco- Lost Woman Song
2. Cat Power- Nude as the News
3. The Breeders- Hellbound
4. Hole- Asking for It
5. Screaming Females- End of My Bloodline
6. Jewel- Jesus Loves You
7. Buffy Sainte-Marie- It's My Way
8. Malvina Reynolds- Rosie Jane
9. Peggy Seeger- Nine Month Blues
10. Carole Rose Livingston- I Am A Friend Of The Foetus
11. Odetta- Paths of Victory (Bob Dylan)
12. Yoko Ono- Sisters O Sisters
13. Lunachicks- Fallopian Rhapsody
14. Nicki Minaj- All Things Go
15. Patti Smith- People Have The Power

Witches Brew- Episode 74


59:00 minutes (108.03 MB)

1. Carpenters- Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
2. Ella Fitzgerald- Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer
3. Connie Converse- Father Neptune
4. Linda Perhacs- Song of the Planets
5. Asha Puthli- Space Talk
6. Annette Peacock- Solar System
7. Patti Smith- Tarkovsky (The Second Stop Is Jupiter)
8. Jeanne Lee + Ran Blake- Corcovado
9. Alice Coltrane- Galaxy in Turiya
10. Mary Halvorson- Moonburn
11. Karla Borecky- The Passing of Clouds

Witches Brew- Episode 78

Private Press

56:39 minutes (103.72 MB)

1. Cheri Adams- Give
2. Mary Love-Comer- The Price
3. Carrie Cleveland- Love Will Set You Free
4. Jan Terri- Get Down Goblin
5. Marth Sisters- I Came to Praise the Lord
6. The Tonettes- I Gotta Know
7. Shirley Spencer- Dance With Love
8. Susan King- Morning
9. Mary L. Hopper- A Letter to His Wife
10. The MSR Singers- I'm Just the Other Woman
11. Dora Hall- Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
12. Kenny Brent + Donna Harris- Shadows of You
13. June Spaulding- Day By Day
14. Female Species- Till the Moon Don't Shine
15. The Khalsa String Band- Song of Bliss
16. Deby De Armitt- Listen to Me

Witches Brew- Episode 83

Creature Feature

59:21 minutes (108.67 MB)

1. The Dooley Sisters- Spider in the Web
2. Tarantula Ghoul- King Kong
3. Christine Pilzer- Dracula
4. The Crystals- Frankenstein Twist
5. The Surfrajettes- Toxic (Britney Spears)
6. Shannon + The Clams- The Cult Song
7. Cat Power- Werewolf (Michael Hurley)
8. Kate Bush- Mother Stands For Comfort
9. Billie Eilish- Bad Guy
10. L7- Monster
11. PJ Harvey- Meet Ze Monsta
12. Kay Starr- Headless Horseman
13. Mildred Bailey + Her Orchestra- The Little Man Who Wasn't There
14. Satan In High Heels- Female of the Species
15. Fabienne DelSol- I'm Gonna Haunt You
16. Mazzy Star- Ghost Highway
17. The B-52's- Devil in My Car
18. Angelyne- Draculove
19. Kathy McCarty- The Creature