Witches Brew- Episode 73

We Will Not Go Back

Track List:
1. Ani DiFranco- Lost Woman Song
2. Cat Power- Nude as the News
3. The Breeders- Hellbound
4. Hole- Asking for It
5. Screaming Females- End of My Bloodline
6. Jewel- Jesus Loves You
7. Buffy Sainte-Marie- It's My Way
8. Malvina Reynolds- Rosie Jane
9. Peggy Seeger- Nine Month Blues
10. Carole Rose Livingston- I Am A Friend Of The Foetus
11. Odetta- Paths of Victory (Bob Dylan)
12. Yoko Ono- Sisters O Sisters
13. Lunachicks- Fallopian Rhapsody
14. Nicki Minaj- All Things Go
15. Patti Smith- People Have The Power