Healthy Children/ Healthy Planet

37:12 minutes (34.06 MB)

Suzie Watkins-Martinez talks about her participation in this N.W. Earth Institute course

Discovering a Sense of Place

10:06 minutes (9.25 MB)

Sarah Straley of Green Energy Ohio tells us why this is her favorite N.W. Earth Institute course

Simply Living offers N.W. Earth Institute courses

47:35 minutes (43.56 MB)

Chris Gillespie talks about her participation in the Voluntary Simplicity course

Community profile: 2 people whose work connects w/ the N.W. Earth Institute courses

35:26 minutes (32.43 MB)

Meet Mary Cunnynham and Russ Meeker of Renewable Concepts and Design

Tim Lenahan : someone whose work in the community connects w/ the N.W. Earth Institute courses

50:09 minutes (45.91 MB)

Betsy Loeb on how her work in the community connects w/ N.W. Earth Institute course Healthy Children Healthy/Healthy Planet

59:54 minutes (54.85 MB)

Rappelling at Age 79

26:31 minutes (42.5 MB)

If you thought adventurous behavior has an age-limit, then you are mistaken! A 79 year old local Columbus man, Smitty, rappels, rock climbs, and hang glides! Listen in to see where and how he does it! Also on Youth Beat is reporter Jackie with information about obesity and fat! Last but not least is Mad Mike withYouth Beat Radio's very own movie review show!

The Beat Oracle - 06/26/2010

117:15 minutes (120.05 MB)

Fight Back June 25th, Drug War

29:56 minutes (27.41 MB)

Musicologie june 21 2010

60:22 minutes (110.53 MB)


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