Yesterday's Top Secrets - YTS-293--OCT13

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Talk of the Town- Columbus, Young Professionals, and Attract and Retain

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ORIGINALLY AIRED LIVE on October 12, 2011

Special Guest Host Bryan Curtiss talks about Young Professionals in Columbus, and shares information from the Attract and Retain Report that came out in 2007, in advance of the State of the Young Professional on Wednesday October 26th at Embassy Suites Airport.

Also, Local Music Community Jukebox Project Launch THIS SATURDAY (Oct. 15th) at the 83 Gallery (1038 N. High St., connected to Mikey's Late Night Slice, two doors down from Bodega). For more on this, go to

Street Fight with Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby - 10/13/2011

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Occupy Columbus kicked off this week and we shared our experience, be there this Saturday October 15th at Columbus Commons for the big gathering.

The always rude and annoying Jackson Lewis made a return to the show this week and had some interesting things to say about a new water business he is starting.

Thanks to all our listeners for your support, you can find us at for other shows we do.

Mark your calendars for November 12th, we will be hosting Intifada, a night of rebel music! This is your chance to hang out with us and tell us the best way to dissolve the government.

The Steamroom - 10-14-11

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Pamoja FM October 12th 2011

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African Anthems! ft. Naeto (Nigeria), Lizha James (Mocambique), Roga Roga (DRC), DJ Cleo (South Africa)

Fight Back Oct. 11, 2011 - Insurgent Theater on prison issues

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Bob and Connie interview Wes Coleman and Ben Turk from Insurgent Theater talk about their play "In The Belly" and prison issues.

Your Music - 175-176

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The DJBC Happy Hour- New Beginnings 2.0 (ENCORE PRESENTATION)

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Tonight's show is an encore presentation of the very first WCRS show, which originally aired on April 18, 2011-

Next week, the six-month anniversary show airs on October 17.

The Independence Show - October 10, 2011

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This edition of Youth Beat Radio features many art-related pieces with independent spirits. First, Mad Mike reviews local independent movie theaters. Harrison Sydnor follows with an EcoBeat interview with the independent movie theater The Gateway Film Center. Then Youth Beat contributor Brenden Martin, East High School, shares two of his poems, and Yi-Ann Lii, Ohio State University, shares a creative essay about adjusting to life in Ohio. Anwar Nur, a contributor from Temple University, reviews independent musical artist Aloe Black's album "Good Things." Finally, Youth Beat reporter Bridgette Kreuz sits down with a dance student from Ohio State to learn more about her major.

The World Party - Show 60 (October 11, 2011)

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The World Party features energetic and eclectic dance and party music from all corners of the globe!

  • Show 60 originally aired on October 11, 2011.

  • Show 60 features international dance and party music originating from the USA, French West Indies, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, England, and France just to name a few!  Join us as we listen to current party music played on pop radio stations all over the world!

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