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Live in-studio with Tom Over & Joey Pigg on U.S. Social Forum & Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign.

71:03 minutes (97.58 MB)

Conscious Voices 8-31-12 - Tom Over outside the RNC in Tampa

53:01 minutes (72.82 MB)

Tent camping in "Romneyville," Tom Over talks with Green Party V.P. candidate Cheri Honkala; her assistant and Hip Hop artist, Shamako Noble; and singer-songwriter activist David Rovics.

concious voices post-flood frack spills in colorado

59:35 minutes (54.56 MB)

some discussion about the Affordable Health Care act, frack spills in Colorado after trhe floods, and part 1 of a WMMT documentary on Fracking

08/22/2014- Rania Masri on Palestine

59:03 minutes (54.08 MB)

Both a recorded speech and a phone interview with professor Rania Masri on the roots of the crisis in Palestine and the global response to Israel's siege of Gaza.

Conscious Voices, Moral Monday, Tyre King, and Pavey demolition

59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

Audio of an Al jazeera interview with People's Justice Project organizer Tammy Fornier-Asaada regardinmg the police shooting of 13-year old Tyre King, audio from the 3rd anniversary Moral Monday rally in Columbus, and an interview with University Area Commissioner Deb Supelak regarding the proposed gentrification project in Columbus' Old North.

CV 072320 Reparations

1:00:00 minutes (41.64 MB)

And interview with Columbus activist Lisa Todd , vice chair of American Descendents of Slavery, which is calling, nationally for reparations, and, in Columbus, also for the recalling of Mayor Andy Ginther. Plus audio from Tanehasi Coates testiminy before the House committee on reparations, and from a press conference in Providence, Rhose Island, which recently adopted a reparations plan.

CV 073020 John Lewis

59:51 minutes (37.85 MB)

Audio of Barak Obama's eulogy for John Lewis, an interview with civil rights movement photographer Allen Zak, who was acquainted with John Lewis, and an excerpt from my own interview with Lewis from 2006

CV 080620 Hiroshima

1:00:01 minutes (43.1 MB)

Recorded interviews with US veterans who were used as "human guinea pigs" , as they were subjected to nuclear bomb tests in the US, then a historical analysis that debunks the myth that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had anything to do with ending WWII, then a Ted Talk lecture about the global effects of a nuclear war.

CV O82O2O Democratic Convention discussion

59:53 minutes (41.57 MB)

Highlights from the Democratic convention and discussion from Pacifica Radio's live coverage
Featuring Delores Huerta, Alan Minsky, Margaret Prescod, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and Mitch Jezerich.

CV Appalacian Uprising for Black Lives

59:58 minutes (82.36 MB)

Interview with organizers of a group in Lancaster, Ohio which has organized Black Lives Matter solidarity protests and engaged in community education efforts. They call themselves The Instigators . For 7 weeks since June the weekly vigils they organized were peaceful and without serious incidents, although they were frequently confronted by people holding opposing views. Then, several weeks ago, one visiting protester was assaulted by "Blue Lives Matter" counter-protesters. Since then, the bulk of the protesters have been "alt-right" types from out of town, and the Instigators group has received numerous threats via social media.

Also; coverage of last week's rallies to save the U.S. Postal Service.

CV Kossuth Street Garden in Peril, and Debunking Thanksgiving Myths

59:59 minutes (43.8 MB)

An interview with Kossuth Street community garden founder Michael Doody. The garden faces elimination at the hands of (yet another) developer, in a situation reminiscent of the plight of the nation's formerly largest urban farm in Los Angeles.
Also, audio from an indigenous people's protest in Plymouth, Massachussetts calling Thanksgiving "a day of mourning", and an essay by Christian Davis ( my late dad) on "freeing the Turkeys".