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JP Marat - Bob Dylan - Nobel Laureate

This evening we offer a full hour of Bob Dylan in honor of his 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. Stockholm . . . you got this one . . . right !

56:08 minutes (77.08 MB)

JP Marat - Joe Demare, Blondie and the End of the World As We Know It

JP Marat interviews Joe Demare, Ohio Green Party Candidate for US Senate . . . Set list includes REM, Joe Demare (Green Party Candidate for US Senate from Ohio), Blondie, George Harrison, Howard Jones, Bruce Springsteen and Fannie Lou Hammer.

52:05 minutes (71.54 MB)

JP Marat - Nina Simone - Pastel Blues

45:33 minutes (62.56 MB)

JP Marat - Frank Ocean - Blonde

54:38 minutes (75.04 MB)

JP Marat - Blood Orange - Freetown Sound

This evening we share the newest album by Blood Orange / Dev Hines. It is entitled Freetown Sound and was just released on June 27 2016. You are welcome. Enjoy. Share this link. Download the podcast . . . free of charge.

56:31 minutes (77.62 MB)

JP Marat - Yak and Jack White

Tonight we offer the debut album from YAK entitled . . . Alas Salvation. It was just released on May 13 2016. We also feature several tracks from Jack White whose . . . Third Man Records label debuted a YAK EP in Oct of 2015.

57:02 minutes (78.34 MB)
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