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JP Marat - WCRS LIVES - Carpenters Alternative and Original Tracks

Tonight we have Alternative songs from the 1994 Album "If I Were A Carpenter" mixed with tracks from the Carpenters original albums from the 1970's and 80's. Super Cool. Ultra Hip. Also WCRS LIVES. Look for our return to FM radio in January 2017. Until then . . . enjoy this underground sound available to you exclusively via the internet and podcast. All shows are freely downloadable via www.BigBarkingDog.com and the WCRS website.

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JP Marat - Moby and the Void Pacific Choir

Moby Lives. Check out tracks from "These Systems are Failing" and "Last Night." Moby. Yeah.

57:37 minutes (79.12 MB)

JP Marat - Ambient Music- Artificial Intelligence

They say this album helped to launch the "ambient" music crazy in the 1990's. Hmmm . . .

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JP Marat - Street Interviews at the Republican National Convention

JP Marat pounds the pavement at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio during the summer of 2016. Cool folks. Of all persuasions.

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JP Marat - Bob Dylan - Nobel Laureate

This evening we offer a full hour of Bob Dylan in honor of his 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. Stockholm . . . you got this one . . . right !

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JP Marat - Joe Demare, Blondie and the End of the World As We Know It

JP Marat interviews Joe Demare, Ohio Green Party Candidate for US Senate . . . Set list includes REM, Joe Demare (Green Party Candidate for US Senate from Ohio), Blondie, George Harrison, Howard Jones, Bruce Springsteen and Fannie Lou Hammer.

52:05 minutes (71.54 MB)

JP Marat - Nina Simone - Pastel Blues

Yes. I love Jazz. And I'm devoted to Nina Simone. Her best album ever ? Many say YES it is Pastel Blues.

45:33 minutes (62.56 MB)

JP Marat - Frank Ocean - Blonde

Frank Ocean's latest album. Do we love it ? How can we not ?

54:38 minutes (75.04 MB)

JP Marat - Icelandic Alternative

Tonight we present four Icelandic alternative bands including Bjork (of course) Sigur Ros (Cool) Dikta and Bang Gang. Searching for atmospheric shoe gazing operatic pop ? Look no further. Share the link. Download free of charge.

51:12 minutes (70.31 MB)

JP Marat - Tears for Fears v2-Interview & Music

This week we offer interviews and music from Tears for Fears. Classic alternative tracks are explained and reimagined. Share the link. Download free of charge. Enjoy.

55:11 minutes (75.79 MB)
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