Conscious Voices Toxic waste lagoons in the Carolinas

59:56 minutes (41.91 MB)

Coal ash impoundments and "fecal lagoons" on hog farms in North and South Carolina are hit by flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Conscious Voices Protest at Ginther fund raiser, Blair Mountain, Chomsky on Iran deal

59:29 minutes (54.47 MB)

Short documentary about the battle to save historic Blair Mountain from being blown up by the coal companies, a Democracy Now interview with Prof. Noam Chomsky on the Iran nuclear agreement, and citizens protest at a fund raising event for Columbus mayoral hopeful Andrew Ginther

Conscious Voices Appalachian Voices and Northam Park

59:35 minutes (54.55 MB)

Monologue connecting Cecil the Lion and Mountain Top Removal and police shootings of Black folks. Interview about a proposed new Gas pipeline in Virginia, and an interview with an Upper Arlington resident who wants to save Northam Park from development.

Conscious Voices ODNR scandal

59:39 minutes (54.62 MB)

This is the same show as the previouys one titled; "ODNR scandal", but updated with THIS week's Coal Report.

Conscious Voices ODNR caught conspiring against the public

59:35 minutes (54.56 MB)

This week documents uncovered by the Sierra Club implicate the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio EPA, and top officials in the Kasich administration of conspiring to discredit grass roots organizations and certain state legislators opposed to fracking in our state parks.

Conscious Voices West Virginia Water Crisis update

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

Since the chemical spill weeks ago that poisoned the water supply for some 300,000 West Virginians the national media attention has subsided, but, in the 9 affected counties, a warning is still in effect advising pregnant women not to drink the water. There are also new revelations about the type and amount of chemicals that were spilled, and about the company that spilled them.

Conscious Voices West Virginia Water Crisis

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

On or before January 9, 2014 Thousands of gallons of a largely un-0tested toxic fluid leaked in to the Elk River at Charleston, West Virginia, poisoning the water supply for 300,000 West Virginians

Conscious Voices program pt 1`

59:00 minutes (54.03 MB) held a gala event in Columbus on Nov 27 to launch a new offensive against global warming and fossil fuel consumption. WCRS was invited to record the entire program for broadcast.

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