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WCRS-LP FM is a non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station serving Central Ohioans, providing quality programming to:
•Promote personal and civic responsibility, informed action and thoughtful living;
•Challenge cultural and intellectual assumptions;
•Celebrate local cultures;
•Air alternative points of view and facilitate understanding through dialogue;
•To provide media training and to foster community empowerment and participation.
•To provide representation for under-served and under-represented constituencies
and viewpoints, and to provide news and information not commonly found elsewhere
on the airwaves.

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the ralph tillis show 136

59:44 minutes (54.69 MB)

a hour of music

# 268 - It's SO Scandalous, I Might Offend Someone (Summer Finale)

58:50 minutes (53.87 MB)

Tonight on the show, the final word on the Urban Meyer Scandal for the summer. Plus, updates on The Crew and the 12th District Congressional Race. And, a supersized Weekend Warrior with September events. And a preview of The Emmy Awards, plus Michigan and Ohio State Football

9/01 - at Notre Dame (7:30PM, NBC)
9/29 - at Nebraska
10/06 - MARYLAND
10/20 - at Michigan State (Little Brothers Week, Fox)
10/27 - BYE (just like the B*ckeyes, go watch the Capital/Otterbein game, go grocery shopping, or clean the rat droppings out of your kitchen ceiling)
11/03 - PENN STATE
11/10 - at Rutgers
11/17 - INDIANA (Senior Day)
11/24 - THE GAME at "You Know Who"
12/01 - B1G Championship
12/31 - College Football Playoff
1/07 - National Championship

Ohio State B*ckeyes YOU KNOW WHO
9/01 - vs. Columbus East
9/08 - vs. Bishop Watterson
9/15 - vs. The Little Sisters of the Poor (at AT&T Stadium)
9/22 - vs. Westland
9/29 - at Penn State
10/06 - vs. Bishop Hartley
10/13 - vs. Columbus College of Art and Design
10/20 - at Upper Arlington
10/27 - BYE (Somehow they LOSE this week, too)
11/03 - vs. Nebraska
11/10 - at Michigan State
11/17 - vs. University of Phoenix
Late December* - Mid-Level Bowl
* - Must win 6 games to get there, don't know if Urban will be coaching this year, still.

The Hidden Hits Hour - Show 16 (August 27, 2018)

59:29 minutes (105.98 MB)

Great music you've never heard on the radio in Columbus or haven't heard in a long time! Don't miss The Hidden Hits Hour - a unique show professionally produced by WCRS disc-jockey Rolly Pagniano. Music and fun that's guaranteed to please on Monday mornings stating at 7AM! Only on WCRS 92.7 and 98.3 FM. - 9th Column - D. Austin


57:23 minutes (78.82 MB)

Conscious Voices Statues and Statutes, Columbus Community Bill of Rights denied

59:56 minutes (82.31 MB)

The Franklin County Board of Elections denied the Columbus Community Bill of Rights issue ballot access , even after the Columbus Community Council had approved sending the proposal to the November ballot. Dozens of volunteers spend thousands of hours gathering signatures for the proposal which would grant Columbus the right to regulate or ban industrial activities that pose a public health risk or jeopardize the city's air and water , suchg as fracking, waste injection wells, or placement of radioactive mine tailings in municipal landfills.
Audio from the Board of Elections meeting and interview with attorney Terry Lodge, and Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund organizer Tish O'Dell.
Also; discussion of the issue of confederate monument removals in the wake of the removal of one such statue at the university of North Carolina by student activists.

Boogers On Burgers

3:10:04 minutes (261.01 MB)

Boogers On Burgers

Taking calls in the studio
// Marriage Solidarity // Worst Pizza Via Yelp // Horrible Movies // LSD Teens // IWW Organizer Meeting // Unionize Hotels // Sacred Days Off // Kratom Tea Recipe // The Big Guy Is Van Wilder // Boogers On Burgers // Hooch For Dinner // Everyday Racists Running For Senate // Fancy New York People // Toasty Bagels // Easier To Do Drugs Without Parents // Fired Via Email // Quitting Is The Best // $145 Pants //

9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes

The Other Side of the News August 24, 2018-Cohen, Manfort, Columbus Police and the Columbus ticket tax

Bob and Dan discuss what's going on with Trump's men nationally and some local news about the Columbus Police, OSU football and the proposed GCAC ticket tax

29:33 minutes (27.05 MB)

Bob and Dan discuss what's going on with Trump's men nationally and some local news about the Columbus Police, OSU football and the proposed GCAC ticket tax

Witches Brew- Episode 11

56:42 minutes (129.77 MB)

Columbus Desi Radio - Episode 30

59:50 minutes (82.18 MB)

The DJBC Happy Hour Big Table To Take Place on August 29.

The Big Table is coming to The DJBC Happy Hour, well sort of. The DJBC Happy Hour is hosting TWO Big Tables on August 29.

The first Table is August 29 at 2:30PM Davis Hall of The Columbus Foundation, at 1234 East Broad Street. To sign up for this table, go to From there, click on "The Big Table", and then "Sign Up To Participate In Public Conversation".

The second Table is August 29 at 4:30PM at WCRS FM, located at the rear carriage house at 1021 East Broad Street. Weather permitting, this table will be held outside, and limited to a maximum of 12 people. For more information, go to, and click under "Events".

The conversations for both will center around community, but is open for an open dialogue.

The Big Table is a project of the Columbus Foundation, which the purpose of the event is for a group of 8-12 people to have an hour long conversation.

For more information on the Big Table, or to host or sign up for a Big Table conversation, go to There are several Big Table events community-wide on August 29, from designated sponsor locations, to businesses, private homes, churches, park benches, and community radio stations.

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