# 302-B - 1979: Music and Headlines (Part 2 of 2)

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Part 2 of 1979, Music and Headlines

COLUMBUS in 1979:
- Columbus City Schools begin mandated busing.
- East High School, coached by Larry Walker, wins the Class AAA (now Division I) State Championship, beating Cleveland Villa Angela-St. Joseph, 74-65. Clark Kellogg scored 51 points for VASJ in a losing effort. Both he and East's Granville Waiters would become teammates for Coach Eldon Miller and the B*ckeyes the following Fall.
- Ohio State fires Woody Hayes after that incident involving a Clemson player. The B*ckeyes hire Iowa State coach Earle Bruce. Bruce and his fedora lead the B*ckeyes to an 11-0 Season, winning the Big Ten (and Bruce was the last B*ckeye Big Ten Coach of the Year), but then choking to Pac-10 Champs USC (which had a couple of Heisman winners - Charles White & Marcus Allen, and future NFL staples like Allen, Jeff Fisher, and a Matthews brother) in the Rose Bowl by one point.
- The Columbus Clippers win their first Governor's Cup (International League Championship).
- Columbus North High School on Arcadia Avenue closes its doors.
- Columbus Mayor Tom Moody coasts to an easy re-election.
- The Franklin County Courthouse and Government Center (369, 373, and 375 S. High St.) opens its doors for the very first time.
- Tom Watson wins the Memorial Tournament in Dublin.
- The State of Ohio pays $ 675,000 in retribution to the victims and survivors of Kent State.

- John Wayne made his final public appearance at the 1979 Oscars before his death from cancer.
Best Picture: The Deer Hunter
Best Actress: Jane Fonda, Coming Home
Best Actor: Jon Voight, Coming Home
Best Supporting Actress: Dame Maggie Smith, California Suite
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Walken, The Deer Hunter
Best Original Song: "Last Dance", from Thank God It's Friday

Album of the Year: Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, Various Artists (including, but not limited to the Bee Gees)

The Other Side of the News July 12, 2019-Frank Zindler

Bob and Dan interview Frank Zindler of American Atheists

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Bob and Dan interview Frank Zindler of American Atheists

WCRSFM.org - 9th Column - D. Austin

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Your Music 062519 Marcus King at Delfest

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Blues-rocker Marcus King at Delfest 2019

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Conscious Voices 071219 For The Trees

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As Columbus continues to see its urban canopy diminish due to predation by developers, utility construction, aging, and thoughtless and caprecious homeowners or parasitic house-flippers, and, in general, poor municipal management, we have two reports on the importance of trees and efforts in at least one city to increase their population in an urban setting.

Columbus Desi Radio - Episode 60

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Try This At Home- 7/1/2019

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Try This At Home- 6/17/2019

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Leading and Legislating - July 8, 2019

Youth Beat Radio is pleased to support youth taking the lead on so many critical community and environmental issues. This week we continue our coverage on youth in government by featuring the Junior State of America Ohio River Valley Chapter at their annual state conference held at the Ohio Statehouse. We talk with Ohio River Valley Chapter former Governor Gene Kim and Deputy Director of Political Activism Jacob Kravitz. They discuss what they've learned during their time in JSA and how this student run organization can lead to greater understanding of current issues, the legislative process, and lifelong leadership skills. We'll also hear from reporter Nicole Jackson who met with leaders at the Children in Nature Network to discuss how they're getting youth active in nature. Finally, we'll wrap up with an OSU student Khalid talking about the effects of a natural disaster on the other side of the world in Somalia, and what we can do to help.

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