WCRSFM.org - 9th Column - D. Austin

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Morning Meditation

You get to choose the events of your life. Are you being an active participant, or just an observer? Are you allowing others to influence you and wasting your life away? That does not have to be the case.

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The DJBC Happy Hour # 300 Promo

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JP Marat and Big Barking Dog present "American Trap Roots"

Lil Nas X sings "Old Country Road." Gaelynn Lea give us "Someday We'll Linger In the Sun" and "Parting Glass." Tyler Childers offers "White House Road" and "House Fire." Also joining today's show are Fairport Convention, Ralph Stanley, Johnny Cash other respected American Root's Artists.

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Conscious Voices Local Dialogue on Venezuela

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A recent talk in Columbus by professor of international human rights, Dan Kovalik on the situation in Venezuela was joined, informally, by a family of Venezuelan ex-patriots who support the U,S,-backed Venezuelan opposition. The talk begins as a straightforward presentation, but then devolves in to an unmoderated discussion that includes dissenting viewpoints, thus offering a good example of the differences between pro and anti-revolution perspectives.

Loose 5.16.19

Two hours of mostly new music.

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a photo of homemade chlorine bombs

ATM - Pull Down Your Pants
Uranium Club - Michael's Soliloquy
Boy Harsher - Tears
Haram - American Police
Mystic Inane - Polite Society
Groove Domestic Product - Desperation Blues
Mattin - March
Richard Papiercuts - Starless Summer Night
Dark Blue - Challenge of Death
Circuit Des Yeux - A Story Of This World Part II
US Girls - Time
Molchat Doma - Na Dne
Chronophage - Wedding

Lavender Flu - Dream Cleaners
Timmy Vulgar's Genetic Armageddon - Chemical Imbalance
Puffy Aereolas - Dark Places
Misery - All Of Us
Suffering Luna - Near Death (Can't Put Down The Pipe)
Hieroglyphic Being - Youth Brainwashing and the Extremist Cults
Black Seed - Transit Gate
Dunkeltier - The Blade
Tommy Jay & The General - Cold Steel Blue Eyes

Columbus Desi Radio - Episode 56

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WCRSFM.org - 9th Column - D. Austin

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Coalition Radio

on WCRS On The Air Friday 7-8pm.

All genres of great classic old new underground rap rock soul reggae blues jazz dance music.

Coalition Radio
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