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Conscious Voices 211202 Honduras!

59:25 minutes (27.2 MB)

The US-backed right-wing Honduran regime that was supported and sanctioned by the Obama administration during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State has been ousted in a landslide election, giving the presidency to a progressive female politician who ran on a platform of political, social, and economic reforms and a promise to crack down on corruption and the drug trade. But the new administration will stall face escalating challenges resulting from climate change.
2 reports, one from the independent radio program Making Contact , hosted by Monica Lopez, and another from Al Jazeera offer a deeper look.

Consious Voices 211125 Thanksgiving edition

59:53 minutes (27.41 MB)

A Thanksgiving special produced by the Pacifica archives featuring First Nations activists including Charlene Teeters and John Trudel speaking about the American Indian movement occupation of Alcatraz, the Wounded Knee massacre, the Pine Ridge stand-off and racist mascot imagery.

Conscious Voices 211118 Racism, Segregation, and education with Nikole Hannah-Smith

58:52 minutes (26.95 MB)

2 talks by 1619 author Nikole Hannah-Smith discussing the history of racism in America and its influences on education.

Conscious Voices 211104 COP 26

1:00:00 minutes (27.46 MB)

Analysis of and speeches from the UN climate conference ("COP 26") in Glasgow

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59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

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Conscious Voices 211007 Climate Change

59:56 minutes (27.44 MB)

Several speeches on climate change including Greta Thunburg, and Boris Johnson, and a short documentary on recent deadly flooding in Germany brought about by climate change.

Your Music 210914 Classical guitar and Oud ( female artists)

1:59:55 minutes (54.89 MB)

Several female classical guitar virtuosi

Conscious Voices 20210916 Infrastructure and tax proposals explained

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

Several media reports and presentations on the two insfrastructure bills now being blocked by Republicans and two right-wing ( ie; "moderate") Democrats

Conscious Voices 210826 Panel Discussion on Afghanistan

59:54 minutes (27.42 MB)

Panel discussion on Afghanistan featuring Phyllis Bennis, Tariq Ali, and Maya Evans.
The panelists discuss the history of the US role in Afghanistan and how our actions percipitatede the current situation, and they offer suggestions for how to rectify the mess.

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