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CV 210415 Environmental and racial justice

59:25 minutes (27.2 MB)

Content from a radio program produced at Pacifica affiliate station KBOO in Portland, Oregon called Let's Talk About Race. This Earth Day edition expolres the many facets of environmental racism.

YM 210413 Music of Kenya

1:59:27 minutes (54.68 MB)

In recognition of Mail Carrier Matt's recent marriage in Kenya, we feature music from Kenya, including multiple genres old and new.

YM 210202 Jaco and Jon

2:00:00 minutes (81.15 MB)

An hour of music from reknowned bassist Jaco Pastorius, and an hour of piano-jazz from New York artist Jon Davis

CV 210408 Voting Rights Under Attack

59:15 minutes (27.12 MB)

A look at the legislative efforts to, on the one hand limit, restrict, or deny voting access, and , on the other, to protect and expand voting access. An interview with Jenn Miller of the Ohio League of Women Voters, plus reports from North Carolina and Georgia, and a report on voter-roll purging in Ohio.

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59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)


1:00:00 minutes (27.46 MB)

A look at the recently passed American Rescue Act, and Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema's no-vote against a 15$/.hr minimum wage, plus Mumia Abu Jamal's case and health risks currently.

Conscious Voices Lawrence Ferlinghetti and an Oak Flat update

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

A public poetry reading by American treasure, poet, Lawrence Ferlingetti, on the occasion of hsi receiving the honor of becoming San Francisco's first poet laureat, and an encouraging update in the fight to save Oak Flat in Arizona.

CV 210218 Community Gardens in the Cross Hairs

59:59 minutes (44.16 MB)

A look at the purpose and value of community gardens in light of the threat many of them are facing from developers and gentrification. This week ther Kossuth Street Community Garden on Columbus' near East side was served an eviction notice by the developer that recently purchased the land. An up-to-date intervoew with Kossuth Street Garden director Michael Doody

CV 210211 Bordering on Collapse (the destructive impacts of the border wall)

59:59 minutes (39.83 MB)

Audio from a recent on-line forum on the destructive impacts of the border wall, presented by the Center for Biological Dioversity in Tucson.
Also; update on the killing of Casey Goodson, and commentary on the impeachment trial of a certain former chief executive.

CV 210204 Oak Flat and partial justice for Andre Hill

1:00:00 minutes (37.1 MB)

audio fromm a recent "virtual rally" to save Oak Flats in Arizona from a giant copper mine that the previous whitehouse administration accelerated approval for. Also discussion of the case of Andre Hill's murder by Columbus police officer. Adam Coy ( now fired, indicted and charged, and arrested, and held on a multi-Milliuon dollar bail).

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