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CV 073020 John Lewis

59:51 minutes (37.85 MB)

Audio of Barak Obama's eulogy for John Lewis, an interview with civil rights movement photographer Allen Zak, who was acquainted with John Lewis, and an excerpt from my own interview with Lewis from 2006

CV 072320 Reparations

1:00:00 minutes (41.64 MB)

And interview with Columbus activist Lisa Todd , vice chair of American Descendents of Slavery, which is calling, nationally for reparations, and, in Columbus, also for the recalling of Mayor Andy Ginther. Plus audio from Tanehasi Coates testiminy before the House committee on reparations, and from a press conference in Providence, Rhose Island, which recently adopted a reparations plan.

CV071620 Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor Race for Profit

1:00:00 minutes (42.53 MB)

Recent talk by professor Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor discussing how housing policies and the real estate industry have segregated America

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Conscious Voices 070220 Statues and Limitations

1:00:00 minutes (39.74 MB)

Audio from a Columbus City Council press conference announcing intent to address racism and police brutality, and audio from a youth-led Black Lives Matter march in Worthington, and another at the Columbus City Hall.

CV 062520 Lies and Lives in the balance

1:00:00 minutes (41.21 MB)

Mayor Ginther's press conference where he pledges his commitment to at least some of the reforms demanded by the Black Lives Matter movement, Crystal Ball on the latest Democratic primary results, and Columbus' Bill Lyons and Tish O'Dell on the latest setback for the Citizens Bill Of Rights initiative.

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2:00:00 minutes (82.54 MB)

conscious voices 061820 Black Lives making progress

1:00:00 minutes (42.83 MB)

Speeches from The Black Lives Matter march in Columbus led by the mothers of people slain by police in Columbus and Dayton

Conscious Voices Analysis of the Black Lives Matter protests in Columbus so far

59:58 minutes (47.39 MB)

An interview with activists Steven Underwood and Ricardo Harris sharing their feelings and observations about the protests in Columbus to demand an end to police violence and for accountability on the part of the city administration.

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