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Witches Brew- Episode 55


1:00:08 minutes (110.1 MB)

Track List
1. Leona Anderson- Rats In My Room
2. Florence Foster Jenkins- Adele's Laughing Song
3. Leah Devorah- Animals In The Zoo
4. Mrs. Miller- Downtown
5. Wing- Dancing Queen
6. Leslie + The Lys- Ring A Ding-Ding
7. Ame Bibabi- Chin Up High (Radio Edit)
8. K. Lewis- Let's Go Party
9. Leoncie- Come On Viktor
10. Margie Singleton- Jesus Is My Pusher
11. Sylvia Boshers- Wake Up America
12. Polly Feazel- Settle Down
13. Ann Lever- Crazy
14. Tangela Tricoli- Jet Lady
15. Nun-Plus- Walk About The Craters Of The Moon
16. Lucia Pamela- Walking On The Moon
17. The Space Lady- 20th Century Fox
18. The Shaggs- My Pal Foot Foot

Witches Brew- Episode 54

Halloween 2021

58:12 minutes (106.58 MB)

Track List
1. Bernadette Carrol- Laughing on the Outside
2. Wendy Rene- After Laughter (Comes Tears)
3. Brenda Lee- I'm Sorry
4. Clip from 'Serial Mom'
5. Joanie Sommers- Johnny Get Angry
6. The Crystals- He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)
7. Daphne Oram- Amphitryon 38
8. Wanda Jackson- Shakin' All Over
9. Scene from 'Misery'
10. Sugar Pie DeSanto- Witch For A Night
11. Ruth White- Spleen
12. Esther Phillips- I'm A Bad, Bad Girl
13. Angel Olsen- Who's Sorry Now
14. Scene from 'Silence of the Lambs'
15. Eva Taylor- That Da-Da Strain
16. Scene from 'Carrie'
17. Helen Gross- Bloody Razor Blues
18. Delia Derbyshire- Liquid Energy
19. Scene from 'Psycho'
20. Bebe + Louis Barron- The Monster Pursues- Morbius Is Overcome
21. Scene from 'Friday the 13th Part 2'
22. Else Marie Pade- Lyd + Lys

Witches Brew- Episode 53

Murder Ballads

59:18 minutes (108.6 MB)

Track List
1. The Andrews Sisters- I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded
2. Bessie Smith- Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair
3. Nina Simone- Sinnerman
4. Nancy Sinatra- Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
5. Vicki Lawrence- The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
6. Helen Reddy- Angie Baby
7. Tanya Tucker- Blood Red and Goin' Down
8. The Chicks- Goodbye Earl
9. Betty Smith- Omie Wise
10. Jean Ritchie- False Sir John
11. Ola Belle Reed- Undone in Sorrow
12. Barbara Dane- Little Maggie
13. Coon Creek Girls- Pretty Polly
14. The Kossoy Sisters- The Banks of the Ohio
15. Dolly Parton- Silver Dagger

Witches Brew- Episode 52

Artist Spotlight: Sheila Smith (Jandek)

58:08 minutes (106.45 MB)

Track List
1. Sheila Smith Speaks
2. Blondie- The Tide is High
3. Jandek- Magic (Houston Tuesday)
4. Sheila Smith Speaks
5. The Carpenters- We've Only Just Begun
6. Jandek- The Fence (Glasgow Sunday)
7. Jandek- Attic Apartment (Berlin Sunday)
8. Sheila Smith Speaks
9. Peggy Lee- Is That All There Is?
10. Jandek- Havoc (Houston Tuesday)
11. Sheila Smith Speaks
12. Billie Holliday- God Bless the Child
13. Jandek- Orchid Eater (Hammon Hall)
14. Sheila Smith Speaks

Witches Brew- Episode 51

October 2021 Releases + Reissues

1:00:02 minutes (109.94 MB)

Track List
1. Loredana Berte- Colombo
2. Helena Meirelles- Mercedita
3. Omara Portuondo- No me llores mas
4. Aurita Castillo y Su Conjunto- Chambacu
5. The Coterie- Until It's Time For You To Go
6. The Free Design- Girls Alone
7. Dorothy- I Confess
8. The Shaggs- Sweet Thing
9. Nikki Giovanni- Ego Tripping
10. Warda- Haramt Ahebak
11. Nora Orlandi- A Doppia Faccia
12. Sister Pat Hall- Get It On
13. Sarah Davachi- Gradual of Image
14. Simona Zamboli- Dream But Be Careful
15. Clara Rockmore- Kaddish

Witches Brew- Episode 50

Songs released in 1971

59:22 minutes (108.7 MB)

Track List
1. Jean Knight- Mr. Big Stuff
2. Candi Staton- I'm Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')
3. Carla Thomas- I Like What You're Doing (To Me)
4. Merry Clayton- Walk On In
5. Rosetta Hightower- Big Bird
6. Yoko Ono- Mind Holes
7. Alice Coltrane + Pharoah Sanders- Stopover Bombay
8. Maria Bathania- Mariana, Mariana
9. Roberta Flack- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
10. Linda Lewis- Hampestead Way
11. Judee Sill- Ridge Rider
12. Karen Dalton- In My Own Dream
13. Buffy Sainte-Marie- She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina
14. Kate Taylor- Sweet Honesty
15. Elyse Weinberg- Here in My Heart (Underneath the Spreading Chestnut Tree)
16. Melanie- Some Say (I Got Devil)

Witches Brew- Episode 49

Fall Feelings

59:18 minutes (108.6 MB)

Track List
1. Bobbie Gentry- Seasons Come, Seasons Go
2. Patti Whipp- It's Gone
3. Karen Beth- Something To Believe In
4. Patti Smith- Dead To The World
5. Joan Armatrading- Woncha Come On Home
6. Carole King- Where You Lead
7. Bonnie Raitt- Thank You
8. Dory Previn- So Much Trouble
9. Mary Margaret O'Hara- To Cry About
10. Catherine Howe- Up North
11. Dolly Parton- Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)- Demo
12. Roberta Flack- Do What You Gotta Do
13. Marian McPartland- Magic by Candlelight
14. Ella Fitzgerald + Louis Armstrong- Autumn In New York
15. Nancy Wilson- It Never Entered My Mind
16. Julie London- Cry Me A River
17. Nico- My Funny Valentine

Witches Brew- Episode 48

Rare Groove

58:55 minutes (107.87 MB)

Track List
1. Fern Kinney- Baby Let Me Kiss You
2. Claudia Lennear- Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
3. Gwen McCrea- 90% of Me is You
4. Patrice Rushen- Remind Me
5. Ann Peebles- I Can't Stand the Rain
6. Betty Davis- The Lone Ranger
7. Carrie Riley + The Fascinations- Super Cool
8. Asha Puthli- Right Down Here
9. Betty Everett- Better Tomorrow Than Yesterday
10. Jackie Shane- Comin' Down
11. Alice Clark- Don't You Care
12. Annette Pointdexter + Pieces of Peace- Mama
13. Little Ann- Possession
14. Marlena Shaw- California Soul
15. Millie Jackson- It Hurts So Good - 2

Witches Brew- Episode 47

The Witches Brew Comedy Hour

1:01:24 minutes (112.43 MB)

1. Minnie Pearl
2. Moms Mabley
3. Erma Bombeck
4. Phyllis Diller
5. Jean Carroll
6. Lily Tomlin
7. Gilda Radnor
8. Caroline Rhea
9. Beth Stelling
10. Jackie Kashian
11. Maria Bamford
12. Joan Rivers

Witches Brew- Episode 46


58:40 minutes (107.44 MB)

Track List
1. Annette Peacock + Paul Bley- M.J.
2. Alice Coltrane + Pharoah Sanders- Lord, Help Me to Be
3. Jandek- Come Through with a Smile
4. Linda + Sonny Sherrock- Soon
5. Patty Waters- Song of the One (I Love) or Love, My Love
6. Archie Shepp + Jeanne Lee- Blase'

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