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Witches Brew- Episode 23

Jan 2021 Releases

59:58 minutes (109.8 MB)

Track List
1. Conny Frischauf- Parapiri
2. Surgeons Girl- Clouded Temper| Small Steps
3. Rachel Palmer- Dissimilar Materials
4. Chicaloyoh- Psychophonie pour les oiseaux disparus
5. Lila Tristam- Anymore
6. Denise Johnson- Steal Me Easy
7. Margo Guryan- Love Songs
8. Henrietta Smith-Rolla- A Song for Him
9. Josie Cotton- He Could Be the One
10. PJ Harvey- No Girl So Sweet
11. Speed Stick + Kelley Deal- Knots
12. Goat Girl- Sad Cowboy (Edit)
13. Bona Fide- Envy
14. Joana Guerra- Rajada
15. Nailah Hunter- Talisman
16. Midnight Sister- Foxes
17. Star Feminine Band- Iseo

Witches Brew- Episode 22

My Favorite Things

58:49 minutes (107.69 MB)

Track List
1. Carole King- Home Again
2. Karen Beth- Come December
3. Joni Mitchell- River
4. Alice Coltrane- My Favorite Things
5. Patty Waters- Why Can't I Come to You
6. Kath Bloom + Loren Connors- There Was a Boy
7. The Roches- Pretty and High
8. Linda Perhacs- Parallelograms
9. Erica Pomerance- Koanisphere
10. Fifty Foot Hose- Rose
11. Annette Peacock- One Way
12. Judee Sill- Lopin' Along Thru the Cosmos

Witches Brew- Episode 17 (Rebroadcast)

Sweet Melancholy

58:04 minutes (106.33 MB)

Rebroadcast due to technical difficulties.

Witches Brew- Episode 21


1:00:38 minutes (111.04 MB)

Track List
1. Persona- Som
2. Bacamarte, Jane Duboc- Passaro de Luz
3. Tete Espindola- Sertao
4. Os Mutantes- O Relogio
5. Elza Soares- Luz Vermelha
6. Gal Costa- Cultura E Civilizacao
7. Vanusa- Atomico Platonico
8. Angela Ro Ro- Balada Da Arrasada
9. Flora Purim- A Morte De Um Deus De Sal
10. Doris Monteiro- E Isso Ai
11. Amelinha- Frevo Mulher
12. Dona Onete- No Meio do Pitiu
13. Fafa de Belem- Tamba-Taja
14. Rosinha De Valenca- Concierto de Aranjuez
15. Rita Lee- Calma
16. Maria Bethania- Iansa
17. Elis Regina- Aguas De Marco

Witches Brew- Episode 20

Down Home (For The Catbird)

1:00:43 minutes (111.19 MB)

Track List:
1. Connie Converse- Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)
2. Jean Ritchie- The L+M Don't Stop Here Anymore
3. Sarah Ogan Gunning- I Hate the Company Bosses
4. Etta Baker- Railroad Bill
5. The DeZurik Sisters- The Arizona Yodeler
6. The Kossoy Sisters- The Banks of the Ohio
7. The Carter Family- Wildwood Flower
8. Hazel Dickens- West Virginia My Home
9. Molly O'Day- Living the Right Life Now
10. Mary Z. Cox- Sugar Hill
11. Ola Belle Reed- High on the Mountain
12. Hedy West- The Sheffield Apprentice
13. Tatiana Hargreaves- Pretty Saro
14. Berzilla Wallin- Conversation with Death (Oh Death)
15. Elizabeth Cotton- Freight Train
16. Blind Mamie Forehand- Honey in the Rock
17. Geeshie Wiley- Last Kind Words Blues
18. Nora Brown- Cumberland Gap

Witches Brew- Episode 1 (Re-run)

51:47 minutes (66.39 MB)

Witches Brew- Episode 19

Da Doo Ron Ron

1:00:35 minutes (110.94 MB)

Track List
1. The Crystals- Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)
2. The Debs- Doom A Roca
3. The Bobbettes- Look at the Stars
4. The Ad Libs- The Boy from New York City
5. The Chiffons- He's So Fine
6. The Blossoms- Good, Good Lovin'
7. The Shirelles- Baby It's You
8. The Chordettes- All My Sorrows
9. The Three Degrees- No, No Not Again
10. The Chantels- The Plea
11. Candletts- It's Misery
12. The Poni-Tails- Born Too Late
13. The Darlettes- Sweet Kind of Loneliness
14. The Jelly Beans- I Wanna Love Him So Bad
15. The Tonettes- Teardrop Sea
16. The Orlons- The Wah Watusi
17. The Ikettes- I'm Blue (The Gong Gong Song)
18. Candy + The Kisses- Tonight's the Night
19. The Raindrops- The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget
20. The Exciters- Do Wah Diddy
21. The Angels- My Boyfriend's Back
22. Sugar N' Spice- Come Go with Me
23. The Ronettes- Be My Baby

Witches Brew- Episode 18

Modern Composure

59:57 minutes (109.77 MB)

Track List
1. TALsounds- Soar
2. Lisa Bella Donna- Mystery Rituals
3. Julia Kent- Sheared
4. Lucrecia Dalt- Glass Brain
5. Ann Sweeten- November Firelight
6. Mary Lattimore- Sometimes He's in My Dreams
7. Suzanne Ciani- Snow Crystals
8. Kathryn Shuman- Objects
9. Marina Rosenfeld- I Launch an Attack...
10. Klara Lewis- Shine
11. Josephine Wiggs- Turn to Moss
12. Okkyung Lee- The Longest Morning
13. Joanna Brouk- Going to Sleep
14. Colleen- Soul Alphabet

Witches Brew- Episode 17

Sweet Melancholy

58:04 minutes (106.33 MB)

Track List
1. Judee Sill- The Donor
2. Kate + Anna McGarrigle- Heart Like a Wheel
3. Kim Jung Mi- Haenim
4. Sandy Hurvitz- Many Different Things
5. Barbara Keith- Detroit or Buffalo
6. Happy Rhodes- When the Rain Came Down
7. Kate Bush- Cloudbursting
8. Turid- Song
9. Bridget St. John- Autumn Lullaby
10. Ruthann Friedman- Hurried Life
11. Karen Beth- White Dakota Hill
12. Bobbie Gentry- Courtyard
13. Suzanne Menzel- Goodbyes and Beginnings

Witches Brew- Episode 16

It's Halloween!

59:44 minutes (109.38 MB)

Track List
1. The Shaggs- It's Halloween
2. Ruth White- The Litanies of Satan
3. Q Lazzarus- Goodbye Horses
4. Lene Lovich- The Insect Eater
5. Tom Tom Club- Dogs in the Trash
6. The Breeders- Hag
7. The Raincoats- The Void
8. Buffy Sainte-Marie- God is Alive, Magic is Afoot
9. Diamanda Galas- Birds of Death
10. Cocteau Twins- Persephone
11. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Night Shift
12. Patti Smith- Revenge
13. Norma Tanega- You're Dead

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