WCRS Podcast - WitchesBrew

Witches Brew- Episode 43

Artist Spotlight: Jen Powers

57:52 minutes (105.95 MB)

Track List
1. Sibylle Baier- Girl
2. Powers/ Rolin Duo- Terraforming from The Autophonia Scioto tape
3. Kath Bloom- The Breeze- My Baby Cries
4. Margaret Berry- The Wild Colonial Boy
5. Joni Mitchell- Lessons in Survival
6. Powers/ Rolin Duo- June from upcoming release Lamplighter
7. Powers/ Rolin Duo- Iridescent from The Nightland
8. Dorothy Carter- Visiting Song
9. Joanna Brouk- Majesty Suites, Entrance of the Queen of Winter Dawn

Witches Brew- Episode 42

July 2021 Releases

59:40 minutes (109.26 MB)

Track List
1. Aura- Yesterday's Gone
2. Lorraine Johnson- The More I Get, The More I Want
3. Laura Mvula- Got Me
4. Lucrecia Dalt + Aaron Dilloway- The Blob
5. Beatriz Ferreyra- Echos
6. Jana Irmert- Everything Minus All
7. Rebecca Vasmant- Timing's End
8. Hollie Kenniff- Sunset Chant
9. Anna Aaron + Bernard Trontin- Three Rows and Four Wings
10. Derya Yildirim + Grup Simsek- The Trip

Witches Brew- Episode 41

Beach Jamz

59:45 minutes (109.42 MB)

Track List
1. Minnie Riperton- Lovin' You
2. Saada Bonaire- Your Touch
3. Janet Kay- Silly Games
4. Deborahe Glasgow- Give Me That Touch
5. Carolyn Franklin- Sunshine Holiday
6. Mark + Suzann Farmer- Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
7. Suse Millemann- Patterns
8. Cindy- Another
9. Joni Mitchell- The Hissing of Summer Lawns
10. Dorothy Ashby- Just Had to Tell Somebody
11. Antena- Seaside Weekend
12. These Trails- Psyche I + Share Your Water
13. These Trails- Psyche II
14. Bridget St. John- I Like To Be With You In The Sun
15. Linda Perhacs- Sandy Toes
16. Kim Jung Mi- Unknowingly

Witches Brew- Episode 40

Artist Spotlight: Mery Steel

1:00:51 minutes (111.43 MB)

Track List
1. Niki + The Dove- Coconut Kiss (Extended Version)
2. Mery Steel- Single Vision
3. Okay Kaya- Habitual Love
4. Mery Steel- Bad Magic
5. Mery Steel- Dreams
6. Joni Mitchell- Cherokee Louise
7. Mery Steel- This is How We Live
8. Mery Steel- Tender Get
9. WYD- After
10. Mery Steel- Revelator (Gillian Welch cover)
11. Mery Steel- For You (Live on WOSU's Broad + High)

Witches Brew- Episode 39

June 2021 Releases

59:46 minutes (109.44 MB)

Track List
1. Anne Clark + Solomun- Take Control (Solomun Tribute Remix)
2. Japanese Breakfast- Be Sweet
3. Patrice Rushen- Forget Me Not
4. Anna Fox Rochinski- Cherry
5. Derya Yildirim + Grup Simsek- Haydar Haydar
6. Penelope Trappes- Northern Light
7. Caterina Barbieri + Kara-Lis Coverdale- Fantas Morbida
8. Tiawa- Sonhos Con De Rosa
9. L'Rain- Two Face
10. Sharon Van Etten + Fiona Apple- Love More (By Fiona Apple)
11. Croque Madame- Eboueurs
12. Marina Allen- Original Goddess
13. Johanna Samuels- High Tide for One
14. K.C. Jones- Queen of the in Between
15. Amythyst Kiah- Wild Turkey

Witches Brew- Episode 38

Artist Spotlight: Rosali

59:18 minutes (108.58 MB)

Track List
1. Rosali- Pour over Ice
2. Rosali- Rise to Fall
3. Circuit Des Yeux- Brainshift
4. Sandy Denny- Who Knows Where the Time Goes
5. Rosali- If I Was Your Heart
6. Rosali- Tender Heart
7. Rosali- Whatever Love
8. Joni Mitchell- Free Man in Paris
9. Irma Thomas- In Between Tears
10. Rosali- Bones
11. Rosali- Lie to Me
12. Rosali- Dead and Gone
13. Rosali- Waited All Day

Witches Brew- Episode 37

Sisters with Transistors

59:50 minutes (109.58 MB)

Track List
1. Suzanne Ciani- The First Wave- Birth of Venus
2. Lisa Bella Donna- Night Flights
3. The Space Lady- Synthesize Me
4. Delia Derbyshire- Moogies Bloogies
5. Bebe + Louis Barron- Battle With The Invisible Monster
6. Annette Peacock- I'm the One
7. Wendy Carlos + Rachel Elkind- Main Title (The Shining)
8. Maryanne Amacher- Excerpt from Stain
9. Pauline Oliveros- Body Stories
10. Ruth White- The Cat
11. Daphne Oram- Women's Hour
12. Laurie Spiegel- Riding the Storm
13. Clara Rockmore- The Swan

Witches Brew- Episode 36

May 2021 Vinyl Releases + Reissues

59:17 minutes (108.54 MB)

Track List
1. Elkka- Burnt Orange (Edit) from Euphoric Melodies (May 21)
2. Colleen- Implosion-Explosion from The Tunnel + The Clearing (May 21)
3. Fatima Al Qadiri- Malaak from Medieval Femme (May 21)
4. Dorothea Paas- Container from Anything Can't Happen (May 7)
5. Annette Peacock- Questions from X-Dreams (May 14)
6. Rosali- Mouth from No Medium (May 7)
7. Bachelor- Anything at All from Doomin' Sun (May 28)
8. Queenadreena- Night Curse from Djin (May 7)
9. Maya Dunietz- Odetta from Free the Dolphin (May 7)
10. Miaux- Orage Impromptu from Back Space, White Cloud (May 21)
11. Yasmin Williams- After the Storm from Urban Driftwood (May 7)
12. Younghi Pagh-Paan- Drisam-Nore from Chamber Works (May 14)

Witches Brew- Episode 35

Turkish Psychedelic Folk

57:41 minutes (105.63 MB)

Track List
1. Nese Karabocek- Yali Yali
2. Esmeray- Ayrilik Olsa Bile
3. Kamuran Akkor- Dusmanlarim Catlasin
4. Melike Demirag- Sulukule Kavgasi
5. Gulden Karabocek- Artik Sorma Beni
6. Gaye Su Akyole- Hemserim Memleket Nire
7. Nazan Soray- Hal Hal
8. Gul Sorgun- Ara Leyli
9. Satellites- Deli Deli
10. Senay- Honki Ponki
11. Selda Bagcan- Gesi Baglari
12. Derya Yildirim + Grup Simsek- Gurbet
13. Nur Yoldas- Sultan-i Yegah
14. Ajda Pekkan- Gozunaydin
15. Nil Burak- Tatli Tatli

Witches Brew- Episode 34

Songs About Food

59:04 minutes (108.17 MB)

Track List
1. The Marvelettes- Mashed Potato Time
2. Dee Dee Sharp- Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)
3. The Supremes- Buttered Popcorn
4. Wendy Rene- Bar-B-Q
5. Erykah Badu- Appletree
6. Sade- Cherry Pie
7. Carole King- Chicken Soup with Rice
8. Dolly Parton- Applejack
9. Nancy Wilson- I'm Always Drunk in San Francisco
10. Doris Day- Tacos, Enchiladas and Beans
11. Julia Lee and Her Boyfriends- The Spinach Song
12. Doris Day + The Les Brown Orchestra- Celery Stalks at Midnight
13. Ella Fitzgerald- Hotta Chocolatta
14. Dinah Shore- Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy
15. Nellie Lutcher- A Chicken Ain't Nothing But a Bird
16. Bessie Smith- Gimme a Pigfood and a Bottle of Beer
17. Nina Simone- I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl
18. Susan Christie- I Love Onions

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