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Conscious Voices #23 - Hosted by Michael Paul, Cynthia and Sophia Rosi

55:04 minutes (100.85 MB)

Cynthia shares musings with poet and educator Brian Michael Murphy.

Cynthia and daughter, Sophia, learn about the history and problems with Olentangy River projects from Dr. William Mitch, director, Olentangy Wetlands Research Park.

Conscious Voices - New Harvest

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Conscious Voices - August 21- Steady State Economics

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Conscious Voices - Jane Goodall talk - original air date 3-25-2011

54:40 minutes (50.05 MB)

Conscious Voices - May 27th - Franklin Lopez - EndCiv

54:48 minutes (57.3 MB)

Tom Over -- on location at Occupy DC.

45:56 minutes (63.08 MB)

Tom captures the sounds and passionate energies of Occupy DC. Included are interviews with Jim Hightower, activists from the U.S., Egypt, and Tunisia.

Conscious Voices - Discussion of voter ID req'ts and Defense Auth. Bill allowing military detention of U.S. citizens

53:59 minutes (49.43 MB)

Evan speaks by phone with Marcia Johnson-Blanco of the Voting Rights Project on the topic of voter ID requirements and the disenfranchisement that can result as a consequence.

On the second half of the program, Evan speaks with Mike Breen of the Truman Nat'l Security Project regarding apparent compromise of U.S. citizens' rights by an anti-terrorism inclusion in the current Defense Authorization Bill.

Conscious Voices - November 20th 2009

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Conscious Voices - January 6th 2012

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Conscious Voices - January 27th 2012

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Conscious Voices - Interview with Veteran - 1st half

58:31 minutes (53.58 MB)

Here are a few excerpts from part 1 of 2 interview segments WCRS reporter Evan Davis had with a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and who wishes to remain anonymous.

He said the US military is lying to and ignoring the medical problems of troops exposed to depleted uranium.

“The DOD will never acknowledge it. So, you can never get treated for it. One of my friends, when we were in Afghanistan, he got sick from it and started dying. Rather than treat him for depleted uranium exposure, they just gave him chemo which only sped up his passing.”

He said mercenaries working for various companies such as Black Water, which changed its name to Xe and then to Academi, would destabilize areas of Iraq so the military could then go back in to resume fighting, with the apparent ultimate goal of prolonging the conflict in order to make more money for corporations involved.

“Looking back, most of these conflicts could have easily been won over a year, but they were stretched out over ten, just to keep the profits going…They (US officials) are not trying to run an honorable war. They’re trying to maximize corporate profits...The people that run this country, that have created these wars for profit, they’ve stolen my friends from me.”

He said the US government has designated returning veterans as among the greatest threats for domestic terrorism.

“It was a memo signed by Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security passed down to law enforcement agencies…When I saw that I said, ‘why, would they be so paranoid about us?’ It’s because so many of us are figuring out what they did. While I will never say my friends died in vain, at the same time you have to also admit that the people who started these conflicts didn’t have the best intentions.”

Conscious Voices - Interview with Veteran from Gainesville part 2

58:30 minutes (53.56 MB)

Conscious Voices - Audio from Ohio Prison Protest & Prisoners

51:48 minutes (47.42 MB)

Conscious Voices - Michael Parenti speaking at OSU

58:31 minutes (53.57 MB)

Conscious Voices - Special program on Fracking

60:03 minutes (109.95 MB)

Conscious Voices - Bryan Fenkhart

58:52 minutes (53.9 MB)

Conscious Voices - More Info about Fracking

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Conscious Voices

58:31 minutes (53.58 MB)

Replaces previous version of Conscious Voices "More info about Fracking). This version is complete.

Conscious Voices "more info on fracking"

58:31 minutes (53.58 MB)

Replaces previous version of Conscious Voices more info on fracking Includes; Coal Report, Fracking/Joshg Fox edition of Making Contact, and interview with Coleen Unroe

Conscious Voices - Conscious Voices; Jaymie Frederick, Bill McKibben, Jason Box and Mary Lynn-Evans

57:58 minutes (53.08 MB)

Speeches on Fracking by Youngstown area resident Jaymie Frederick, whose health has been directly affected by a fracking well near her house, \Bill McKibben, author and activist who spearheaded the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline, Jason Box, climatologist at Ohio State University, and Mari Lynne-Evans, director of the documentary Coal Country

Concious Voices Elisa Young and Madeline ffitch on Fracking waste injection

59:21 minutes (54.34 MB)

Elisa Young ( pronounced "e-lee-sah" - I mis-pronounced it in the narration) gave a presentation at the anti-fracking conference in Columbus recently. She talks about her efforts to hold the Ohio Department of Natural Resources accountable for properly regulating and enforcing laws pertaining to fracking waste fluid injection wells. Madeline ffitch (correct spelling) blocked the gate to a waste fluid injection well near Athens and was arrested this week in order to draw attention to the dangers of waste fluid injection and the need for greater oversight and enforcement, while also advocating a ban on the practice. She'll stand trial on July 9. We feature a long, candid interview with her in this edition. Photo gleened from the Athens Messenger article here;

Conscious Voices Fracking the Wayne

58:31 minutes (53.57 MB)

Audio and commentary from the recent Open House encounter at the headquarters of the Wayne National Forest. Forest managers are hoping to lease parts of the forest for Fracking even before an environmental impact study (EIS) is done. Around 50 people attended to ask questions and voice concerns.

Concsious Voices interview with Lonnie Thompson on global warming

58:36 minutes (107.3 MB)

2010 interview with Dr. Lonnie Thompson, glaciologist regarding global warming and climate change

Conscious Voices ; Voting Rights in Ohio

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

commentary by Evan Davis, interviews with voting rights activists and sound from 2 rallies in Columbus from Monday, August 20 plus Glenn Ford of the Black Agenda Report and thge weekly Coal Report

Conscious Voices - The Live September 14, 2012 Show with The Bob Fitrakis interview

54:14 minutes (49.65 MB)

Conscious Voices--Amy Goodman Speaks in Columbus, Part I

54:41 minutes (50.07 MB)

As part of her 100-city book tour (The Silenced Majority), Amy Goodman and co-author Denis Moynihan speak at the First UU Church of Columbus on Sept. 15, 2012. Topics include importance of dissent and protest in today's political environment.

Conscious Voices--Amy Goodman Speaks in Columbus, Part II

57:12 minutes (52.37 MB)

Conscious Voices Dr. Lonnie Thompson on global warming

58:32 minutes (53.59 MB)

Renowned paleoglaciologist Dr. Lonnie Thompson discusses the latest data on global warming and the melting of glaciers and the polar ice caps, and its implications for human and biological survival. This is a recording of a powerpoint [presentation given by Dr. Thompson at the Upper Arlington public library on Sept. 25, 2012, presented by Upper Arlington Progressive Action.

Conscious Voices - Oct. 5, 2012. Early Voting Center Campout

57:04 minutes (52.25 MB)

Conscious Voices

58:31 minutes (53.58 MB)

A look at the alleged North / South political divide, a historic excerpt from LBJ on the passage of the Voting Rights Act, and sound from the annual protest at the School of the Americas (info as )

Conscious Voices Black Friday edition

59:01 minutes (108.06 MB)

Conscious Voices Black Friday edition; a history of Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective contrasted with a view of the Palestinian struggle from a Palestinian perspective.

Conscious Voices program pt 1`

59:00 minutes (54.03 MB) held a gala event in Columbus on Nov 27 to launch a new offensive against global warming and fossil fuel consumption. WCRS was invited to record the entire program for broadcast.

Conscious Voices program pt 2

60:01 minutes (54.95 MB)

Bill McKibben on what to do, James Hansen and other scientists on the dangers of Methane release due to Polar ice melt.

Conscious Voices U.N. vote on Palestinian status

59:38 minutes (54.61 MB)

Views from American Jews critical of Israeli policy, and under-reported info about the ongoing occupation of Gaza. Norm Finkelstein, Sonali Kolhatkar interviews Jennifer Lowenstein, Dennis Kucinich speaks to Congress, Tom Over interviews Ilyad Burnat in Columbus.

Conscious Voices Gun Violence

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

Sound from a recent Columbus public forum on gun violence, plus some analysis and commentary by the show's producer.

Conscious Voices - Interview with local economist Tadit Anderson

55:59 minutes (34.72 MB)

Conscious Voices - Stubenville

59:05 minutes (54.1 MB)

Conscious Voices MLK special

59:18 minutes (54.3 MB)

MLK's speech; "Why I Oppose the War on Viet Nam", Danny Glover reading John Lewis' original, un-redacted speech that was to have been delivered at the March on Washington, John Lewis speaking at the 2012 Democratic Convention, and a Democracy Now report on the Wilmington 10, who we3re pardoned on Dec. 31, 2012

Conscious Voices - Conscious Voiec es Fracking and waste wells in Ohio

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

Interviews with ODNR spokesperson Heidi Hetzel-Evans, and a well inspector plus Eric Miller on opposing waste injectioon wells in Mansfield.

Conscious Voices analysis of the Steubenville high school football rape case

58:31 minutes (53.57 MB)

An examination of the Steubenville case, with mention of several similar cases. Narrated articles by sports columnist Dave Zirin, former punk rocker Henry Rollins, and feminist author Mia McKenzie witn a music clip from Peggy Seeger, and closing remarks by feminist sex blogger Laci Green

Conscious Voices - the firing of Carla Hale

59:41 minutes (54.64 MB)

Carla Hale was fired from her teaching position at Bishop Watterson catholic high school after 19 years when an anonymous letter, allegedly from a parent of a student there outed her as a lesbian. Alumni and others have organized in solidarity and are demanding her reinstatement and a change in the Catholic Dioces employment policies.

Conscious Voices Columbus May labor rallies

59:47 minutes (54.74 MB)

Two separate rallies focused on labor rights took place in downtown Columbus this week as the state legislature takes up a bill that may lead to union-busting in public schools, and another that would seriously undermine collective bargaining rights throughout the state. In this program we feature highlights from both rallies, plus a song from Pete Seeger, who turned 94 this week.

Conscious Voices Carla Hale rally and Aura Bogado

59:58 minutes (54.9 MB)

1st half; interviews at the rally for Carla Hale held last Friday in front of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus. 2nd part; a lecture by Aura Bogado on global climate debt.

Conscious Voices - Conscious Voices Carla Hale update, Eartrh Guardians, Cincinnati riotsa

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

Update on Carla Hale's case against the Catholic Diocese, a message from youth environmentalist group Earth Guardians, and reflections on the 2001 riots in Cincinnati from a program produced at WSLR in Gainesville, Florida

Conscious Voices - Conscious Voices, Hale update, Pattycake goes Coop

58:55 minutes (53.95 MB)

update on Carla Hale case with audio from the latest rally, a clip from Jeremy Scahill, and and interview with Jennie Scheinbach, founder of Pattycake Bakery, which has now become a worker-owned cooperative, plus music from Pete Seeger and Sweet Honey in the Rock

Conscious Voices March Against Monsanto

59:45 minutes (54.71 MB)

Last week as many as 1,000 people marched in downtown Columbus to protest against the biotech company Monsanto. We have audio from the rally and we take a look at monsanto's history dating back to Agent Orange and up to this week's banning of GMO crops by Peru. We hear from Canadian farmer Percy Scmeiser who lost a lawsuit against Monsanto and we look at the impact of neonicotenoid insecticides on the world's bee population.

Conscious Voices - Mining the Wayne And Right to Work

59:17 minutes (54.28 MB)

On this episde of Conscious Voices Evan Davis brings you coverage of what's happening with Mining in Wayne national forest & the latest attempt to pass Right to Work anti-union legislation in the Ohio State House.

Conscious Voices Carla Hale update, Assaults on GLBTQ folks in Columbus, Jeremy Scahill on U.S. involvement in Somalia

59:29 minutes (54.46 MB)

Carla Hale update, Assaults on GLBTQ folks in Columbus, Jeremy Scahill on U.S. involvement in Somalia

Conscious Voices Jeremy Scahill in Columbus

59:56 minutes (54.87 MB)

Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater and Dirty Wars spoke in Columbus this week and we recorded it for you.

Conscious Voices - Jeremy Scahill Q and A from the Columbus screeni ng of Dirty Wars

59:27 minutes (108.86 MB)

Jeremy Scahill answers questions from the audience after the screening of the film Dirty Wars, a documentary companion to his latest book by the same title.

Conscious Voices March on Washington at 50, Striking Janitors and strikes on Syria

59:30 minutes (108.94 MB)

Speeches from the two rallies commemorating the March for Jobs and Justice in Washington ( Al Sharpton and Bernice King, rally in Columbus by SEIU local 1 calling for fair wages for janitors, Phyllis Bennis on why the U.S. should not strike against Syria.

Conscious Voices Niel Waggoner, Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign

59:46 minutes (54.71 MB)

Talk by Niel Waggoner given at a meeting of Upper Arlington Progressive Action, focusing on Republican attempts to overturn Ohio's existing clean energy standards.

Conscious Voices Imokalee workers march in Columbus

59:39 minutes (54.62 MB)

The Coalition of Imokalee Workers is pressuring Columbus-based Wendy's to sign on to their 1-cent-per-pound contract which guarantees better wages and conditions for tomato pickers in Southern Florida. We spewak with several of the organizers. Also; the weekly Coal Report and a new weekly feature, an audio column from Sonali Kolhatkar

Conscious Voices Lori Wallach explains the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

59:47 minutes (54.73 MB)

The Trans Pacific Partnership ( "TPP") is a new "free trade" agreement being pushed by the Obama administration that critics say would allow an unaccountable consortium of transnational corporations to over-rule local laws in the U.S. and other participating nations. Indeed, the language of the proposal spells it out explicitly, yet it is being "fast-tracked" through Congress and its details have only recently been leaked. Lori Wallach, of Public Citizen explains.

Conscious Voices Stand your Turkey

59:45 minutes (54.71 MB)

Stand Your Ground, Thanks Giving, Hannuka

Conscious Voices NRC proposes rule change to allow indefinite waste storage

59:46 minutes (54.72 MB)

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is proposing a rule change that may leaad to quick approvals of license renewals for nuclear power plants, many of which are nearly 40 years old, despite the fact that no new technologies have been developed to handle the storage of radioactive waste. A series of hearings is taking place across the country until Dec 20. We hear from two of the people who presented testimony at one of those hearings, as well as a few of the 3-minute testimonies themselves.

Conscious Voices Columbus Janitors win contract, Imokalee workers confront Wendy's

59:30 minutes (54.47 MB)

1,000 + columbus janitors win a new 3-year contract after a year-long battle with downtown cleaning service agencies. Imokalee workers and allies draw 120 to a protest at the grand opening of Wendy's newest burger joint - meet, briefly with a Wendy's exec.

Conscious Voices campaign finance reform

59:34 minutes (54.53 MB)

the Coalition for Responsive Government filed petitions to place a campaign finance reform initiative on the ballot, and last week a formal objection was filed against the proposal, questioning both its legality, on procedural grounds, and its potential effectiveness. Its opponents claim there may be loopholes in the proposal that would render it less meaningful than its drafter intend. In this edition we speak with Jonathan Beard, principle architect of the proposal, and with Brian Rothenberg, who filed the objection.

Conscioius Voices Jeffery Blankfort on possible Israeli connection to JFK's assassination

59:41 minutes (54.65 MB)

Historian, author, and radio producer, Jeffery Blankfort discusses Israel's possible role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Conscious Voices MLK special rebroadcast

59:40 minutes (54.64 MB)

This is a re-broadcast of last year's MLK mspecial featuring the speech Beyond Viet Nam . It includers a new Coal Report from this week

Conscious Voices West Virginia Water Crisis

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

On or before January 9, 2014 Thousands of gallons of a largely un-0tested toxic fluid leaked in to the Elk River at Charleston, West Virginia, poisoning the water supply for 300,000 West Virginians

Conscious Voices Injection well protest Athens, plus more Seeger

59:40 minutes (54.64 MB)

8 people were arrested at a protest near Athens for blocking an access road to a fracking waste injection well. Audio from a video report including actualities from the protest plus part of a Pacifica Archives tribute to Pete Seeger

Conscious Voices Moral Monday March, and more Coal spills

59:45 minutes (54.7 MB)

More Coal ash spills - BIG ones! in West Virginia and North Carolina, and a huge demonstration in Raleigh, North Carolina (80,000+!) on a host of issues stemming from the ALEC agenda - and the commercial and "public" media largely ignored it. No coverage, nationally on NPR at all. We've got it here.

Conscious Voices ODNR caught conspiring against the public

59:35 minutes (54.56 MB)

This week documents uncovered by the Sierra Club implicate the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio EPA, and top officials in the Kasich administration of conspiring to discredit grass roots organizations and certain state legislators opposed to fracking in our state parks.

Conscious Voices ODNR scandal

59:39 minutes (54.62 MB)

This is the same show as the previouys one titled; "ODNR scandal", but updated with THIS week's Coal Report.

Conscious Voices Arizona veto, New Mexico radiation leak, Couo attempt in Venezuela

59:45 minutes (54.71 MB)

Arizona governor vetoes a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to customers based on a variety of criteria, New Mexico's weapons-grade radioactive waste storage facility leaks, and a look at what's happening now in Venezuela.

Conscious Voices Keystone XL

58:07 minutes (53.22 MB)

Conscious Voices Stand Your Ground (against HB203)

59:41 minutes (54.64 MB)

House Bill 203 is still moving through the legislature, despite having little public support, and being opposed by city councils, police organizations, and citizens. In this edition we have interviews with Ohio ACLU director Gerry Daniels,and Ohio Student Organizing Committee activists James Hayes and Erica Turner, and we have audio, gathered by WCRS volunteer Robb Ebright at a press conference held in Columbus featuring a woman whose son was gunned down in Florida by an assailant who received no penalty for the murder, thanks to Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

Conscious Voices Pam Olson, Fast Times in Palestine

59:30 minutes (54.48 MB)

Journalist and author Pam Olson, whiose book, Fast Times in Palestine offers an in-depth and nuanced view of live in Palestine under Israeli occupation will be speaking in Columbus, March 23 and 24. This edition of Conscious Voices features an interview with Pam about the book and her expoeriences and observations.

Conscious Voices

59:41 minutes (54.64 MB)

This week we have a recent lecture from noted author and activist Arundhati Roy whose latest book, Capitalism, a Ghost Story details the crisis of capitalism in India and globally.

conscious Voices Jane Goodal, Planting Seeds of Hope

59:21 minutes (54.33 MB)

Jane Goodall gave a presentation recently at the All Saints Presbyterian church in Pasadena California one of the most powerful, well- delivered, urgent, yet optimistic speeches about environmental justice you are likely to hear.

Conscious Voices Cornel West

59:30 minutes (54.48 MB)

Cornel West speaking recently at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California. Also; acknowledgements of the passing of journalist Robert Knight, researcher John Judge, author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, conspiracy speculator Mike Rupopert, and publisher John Johnson

Conscious Voices Issue 6, Mayday history

59:45 minutes (54.71 MB)

Jonathan Beard, of the Columbus Action Network on why he opposes Issue 6, the proposed zoo levy, and Robert Knight interviews Staughton Lynd on the history of Mayday

Conscious Voices SB310 So long Solar and Wind

59:37 minutes (54.59 MB)

The Ohio Senate just passed a bill that effectively guts the state's 6 year old energy policy that included renewable energy mandates. We speak with the Sierra Club's Jen Miller about the implications, and we hear the arguments from the Senate's leading fossil fuel proponent, Energy

Conscious Voices Climate Change is here

59:41 minutes (54.64 MB)

This edition features an interview with Dr. Lonnie Thompson, renowned glaciologist who was among the first scientists to confirm anthropogenic causation (human activity) as one of the principal drivers of climate change today. This is especially timely in light of the state legislature's approval of a bill that guts Ohio's renewable energy mandates and incentives.

Conscious Voices coping with climate change (droughts)

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

This is a lecture from the recent conference on climate change held at the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University. This one deals especially with severe droughts and how they have impacted human populations in the past, and their likely implications in the future.Conscious Voices

Conscious Voices renewable energy in a post SB310 Ohio

58:33 minutes (53.6 MB)

Interview with Mark Shanahan, energy adviser to former governor Ted Strickland

Conscious Voices Jesus Christ Superstore, Angela Davis, and eeflection on July 4

59:23 minutes (54.38 MB)

James Earl Jones reads Frederick Douglas' reflections on July 4th, NARAL's Jamie Miracle on the Hobby Lobby decision, and Angela Davis speaking at the Left Forum

Conscious Voices Franklinton Community Gardens

59:28 minutes (54.45 MB)

This week we pay a visit to a unique community gardens project in the Franklinton neighborhood that has two acres under cultivation on 5 city plots, and is building community in an otherwise blighted area.

Conscious Voices Detroiut Water Brigades, Nigerian activist Leo Igwe on the rise of Islamic extremism

59:20 minutes (54.32 MB)

Jenny Scheinbach travels to Detroit to bring water and solidarity to residents whose water has been shut off by the appointed city manager, and Nigerian human rights activist Leo Igwe speaks in Columbus on the rise of Islamic extremism

Conscious Voices A Just Peace in Palestine

59:23 minutes (54.37 MB)

On the third weekend in July there was a rally in Columbus which drew an estimated 3,000 people demanding an end to Israel's assault on Gaza and to the occupation. It was one of many such rallies around the world and in the U.S., yet all of those rallies received scant coverage in the Western media. In this edition we have an interview with Reema Al-Waridat, a Palestinian American who organized last week's rally and is co-organizing another, scheduled for Friday, August 1 at 4 pm at Broad and High. We also have 3 reports sourced from Russia Today discussing the current siege and the history behind it. With musical bridges from Ghalia Benali and Rim Bana

Conscious Voices Noura Erakat on Palestinian leadership

59:08 minutes (54.15 MB)

Professor Noura Erakat is a human rights activist and attorney, teaching at George Mason university, ho I had the pleasure of meeting once at a Palestinian solidarity conference. She is an occasional guest on Democracy Now. Here she speaks at length about the history of Palestinian leadership and the impacts of Israeli and Western policies on its development

Conscious Voices Columbus rally for Palestine

59:34 minutes (54.53 MB)

Audio from a recent Palestine solidarity rally in Columbus Ohio, which drew around 400 people. The rally went smoothly and without incident. It was not co-opted by hate or anti-Jewish sentiments, nor commandeered by Trotskyists, nor picketed by counterprotesters. Maybe if any of those things had happened, it might have garnered more attention in the local media, but the full audio is here, along with commentary, and a musical piece by Anoushka Shankar

Conscious Voices Ferguson, Moral M ondays, and Bilal Al-Youssef on losing relatives in Gaza

59:16 minutes (54.26 MB)

On-the-ground report from Ferguson with Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Local activist Bilal Al-Youssef reflect on the killing of some of his relatives by Israeli bombing in Gaza,and the Moral Monday coalition comes tyo Ohio to organize for justice and equality.

Conscious Voices Ferguson, Moral Mionday, Bilal al Youssef

59:16 minutes (54.26 MB)

Conscious Voices Detroit Water Crisis, Community Bill of Rights

59:06 minutes (54.11 MB)

Interview with activists in Detroit leading the fight against water privatization.
Interview with Caroline Harding, on the Columbus Community Bill of Rights Initiative.

Conscious Voices Columbus Community Bill or Rights

57:28 minutes (52.61 MB)

Activists in Columbus launch a campaign to amend the city charter with a "bill of rights" that would allow the city administration to adopt ordinances that protect our water, air, and soil against industrial solution, in opposition to the statewide authority of the industry-friendly Ohio Department of Natural Resources' regulatory authority, thus reclaiming local control.

Conscious Voices; Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow

59:19 minutes (54.31 MB)

Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow spoke at Ohio Dominican University to a full audience of nearly 1000 people about the prevalence of institutionalized racism and how it has created a new "caste system" in America.

Conscious Voices Climate March

59:25 minutes (54.39 MB)

On Sept 21 more than 400,000 people marched in New York City to demand action to address climate change. Unfortunately, the commercial and "public" media maintained its climate of omission and barely covered the event. In this program we have several speeches that were given at a forum held the night before the march. Speakers include Senator Bernie Sanders, founder Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, and Chris Hedges.

The Light Catcher, Cynthia Rosi book release interview, Oct 17, 2014

52:38 minutes (96.38 MB)

Conscious Voices Black Lives Matter (rally in Columbus)

59:30 minutes (54.47 MB)

Hundreds of folks rallied over the weekend in Columbus demanding justice in the (many) cases of unjustified police shootings of Black folks, and linked the crisis to the historic struggles for civil rights and equality in the U.S, Palestine, Mexico, and around the world. Audio from video recorded by Jim Brew Anderson

Conscious Voices Fracking developments and killer cop protests

59:17 minutes (54.27 MB)

Interview with Allison Auciello ofFood and Water Watch at a protest against fracking in Columbus, audio from an early Ferguson protest attacked by police,and audio from a press conference in Dayton with the family of John Crawford

Conscious Voices Sandy Hook Promise

59:08 minutes (54.14 MB)

People from Newtown, Connecticut, where the infamous Sandy Hook school shootings too place 2 years ago, were in Columbus last week to launch a national promotion for a program they've developed called Sandy Hook Promise, which hopes to address the epidemic of gun violence in the U.S. by educating communities and individuals on methods of prevention.

Conscious Voices "Calm returns" to Ferguson?

59:31 minutes (54.5 MB)

Pt. 1 of audio from a symposium held at Stanford University on the implications of Ferguson

Conscious Voices The Making of Ferguson

59:32 minutes (54.5 MB)

Panel discussion on the historical conditiions that underlie the police shootings in Ferguson and Ohio, featuring author Richard Rothstein, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund attorney Sherrylin Ifill

Conscious Voices March for Black Lives

59:38 minutes (54.59 MB)

Interview with James Hayes and Alwiyah Shariff of the Student Organizing Committee on the directions and perspectives of the current movement to oppose police brutality, and audio, including interviews, chants and speeches from the 700+person march and rally for Black Lives in Columbus on Dec. 8

Conscious Voices Black Lives Still Matter

59:17 minutes (54.27 MB)

Continuing protests against police brutality are met with continuing intransigence by law enforcement, as well as continued censorship and distortion by many media outlets. Audio from the most recent Black Lives Matter demonstration in Columbus, and an op-ed by Thanidisizwe Chimurenga about the sparse attention given to female victims of violence.

Conscious Voices Angela Davis Freedom Dreams, Freedom Now

59:31 minutes (54.5 MB)

An article by Arun Gupta on the next steps for the Black Lives Matter movement, and a speech by Angela Davis on the same

Conscious Voices Leelah Alcon Presente!

59:39 minutes (54.61 MB)

A critical look at U.S. media coverage of international events, including the Charlie Hebdo massacre, then audio from a candlelight vigil in Columbus remembering transgendered teen Leelah Alcon who committed suicide a few weeks ago, citing a lack of acceptance on the parts of parents, and society.

Conscious Voices Julian Bond in Columbus

59:38 minutes (54.61 MB)

If you missed seeing Julian Bond in Columbus on MLK commemoration day, speaking at the Lincoln Theater to an overflow crowd, WCRS was there to record it. In this edition we also have a panel discussion from the National Urban League on the state of Black FEMALE America.

Conscious Voices Phyllis Benis on addressing Isis without war

59:15 minutes (54.25 MB)

Institute for Policy Studies analyst Phillis Benis speaking in late 2014 on the Isis crisis and how to address it without resorting to military intervention.

Conscious Voices Vandana Shiva

59:46 minutes (54.72 MB)

Conscious Voices U.S. - Iran relations

58:55 minutes (53.94 MB)

Panel discussion featuring Noam Chomsky on the history and future of U.S. relations with Iran

Conscious Voices Save Oak Flats

59:37 minutes (54.57 MB)

Recently passed legislation traded a culturally and environmentally significant area within the Tonto National Forest to a foreign-owned mining company in exchange for less desirable parcels of land in Arizona. The planned Copper mine at Oak Flats will destroy an area several miles square. The San Carlos Apaches who have strong ancestral ties to the area being threatened, are organizing to prevent its destruction.

Conscious Voices Demystifying ISIS

59:26 minutes (54.41 MB)

MIT political science professor Rich Neilsson and author/historian Juan Cole explain the rise of ISIS; who they are, what they want, and the circumstances in which they operate.

Conscious Voices Nestle Water Scandal

59:37 minutes (54.58 MB)

As we face a water shortage crisis globally, thanks to climate change, commercial meat production, Fracking, and water pollution there is a push to privatize the world's remaining fresh water supplies. The Swiss-owned company, Nestle, the world's foremost marketer of bottled water, has been in the forefront of this controversy, especially in light of recent statements by Nestle's CEO that water should not be considered a human right.

Conscious Voices Baltimore in perspective

59:31 minutes (54.49 MB)

A look at the issues and details surrounding the Baltimore protests and their underlying causes as portrayed in alternative media outlets, not beholden to the standard narrative.

Conscious Voices Cleveland Cops, California Oil

59:32 minutes (54.5 MB)

A look at the situation in Cleveland regarding the police brutality issue, and a look back at the history of oil spills off the coast of Santa Barbara

Conscious Voices Kossuth St. Community Garden, and South Central Farm

59:20 minutes (54.32 MB)

In this program we visit the Kossuth Street Community Garden in Columbus, and we take a look back at the tragedy of the nation's largest community garden, the South Central Farm in Los Angeles which was destroyed by a developer nearly 10 years ago.

Conscious Voives Michelle Alexander and Cornel West

59:26 minutes (54.42 MB)

2 editions of Laura Flanders' Grit TV featuring interviews with Michelle Alexander and Cornel West, plus commentary from Thandisizwe Chimurenga

Conscious Voices Bernie Sanders campaign speech

59:14 minutes (54.23 MB)

Democratic Socialist senator Bernie Sanders delivered a historic campaign speech to a crowd of nearly 10,000 people in Madison, Wisconsin. We air it here, not as an endorsement, or as a campaign speech per se, but as a political lecture punctuated by frequent applause.

Conscious Voices Naomi Klein This Changes Everything, Capitalism Vewrsus the Climate

59:07 minutes (54.12 MB)

Lecture given recently in Spain by Naomi Klein upon the release of the Spanish language edition of her new book.

Conscious Voices - Zero Tolerance

59:38 minutes (54.59 MB)

Conscious Voices Appalachian Voices and Northam Park

59:35 minutes (54.55 MB)

Monologue connecting Cecil the Lion and Mountain Top Removal and police shootings of Black folks. Interview about a proposed new Gas pipeline in Virginia, and an interview with an Upper Arlington resident who wants to save Northam Park from development.

Conscious Voices Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders

59:27 minutes (54.43 MB)

Conscious Voices Trans Lives Matter, Iran Deal

59:36 minutes (54.57 MB)

2 local protestrs this week; one drawing attention to the killing of Black Trans women, and another at Congressperson Tiberi's office urging support for the Iran nuclear deal

Conscious Voices Opposition to Issue 3

59:37 minutes (54.58 MB)

An in-depth look at the arguments against Issue 3, the so-called "marijuana legalization" bill, that some have called "marijuana privatization". An interview with the founder of a group called "Citizens Against Responsible Ohio"

Conscious Voices Protest at Ginther fund raiser, Blair Mountain, Chomsky on Iran deal

59:29 minutes (54.47 MB)

Short documentary about the battle to save historic Blair Mountain from being blown up by the coal companies, a Democracy Now interview with Prof. Noam Chomsky on the Iran nuclear agreement, and citizens protest at a fund raising event for Columbus mayoral hopeful Andrew Ginther

Conscious Voices Tim Wise on racism

58:58 minutes (53.99 MB)

Lecture by anti-racist author and activist Tim Wise

Conscious Voices Logging the Hocking, and Sainting a Scoundrel

59:21 minutes (54.34 MB)

Interview with Nathan Johnson, staff attorney for the Ohio Environmental Council about a proposed logging project that would impact a large area within the Hocking Hills stste forest, and a segment from Sonali Kolhatkar's radio program, Uprising about a Native American protest over the pope's canonization of a 1`5th century missionary.

Conscious Voices TPP and Grace Lee Boggs

59:34 minutes (54.53 MB)

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders sopeak against the Trans Pacifiuc Partnership, Sonali Kolhatkar on Aghanistan and Syria, and civil rights activist Grace Lee Boggs, speaking a couple of years ago at a conference, addresses the meaning of "leadership".

Conscious Voices Norman Finkelstein

59:33 minutes (54.51 MB)

anti-zionist author and lecturer Norman Finkelstein speaking recently on the escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict, plus, audio from rallies for and against reproductive freedom

Conscious Voices Issue 3 revisited

1:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Sonali Kolhatkar takes a look at the recent police brutality incident involving a South Carolina high school student ( segment from Wednesday's edition of Uprising, produced in exile) , and an interview with Ohio Hemp pioneer, Don Wirtshafter about why he opposes Issue 3.

Conscious Voices Marijuana, Keystone,MTR , and Russel Means

59:58 minutes (54.9 MB)

analysis of issue 3's defeat, update on the Keystone pipeline, a debate on Mountain top removal, and a 1989 speech to congress by Russel Means

Conscious Voices Bryden House Evictions

59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

A near East side apartment building, formerly dedicated as low-income housing was purchased by a New Jersey developer who is evicting dozens of elderly and disabled residents to convert the building to higher-priced apartments. A group of citizens has organized both to resist the evictions and to assist the residents.

Conscious Voices Paving the Pavey, and a tribute to MarShawn

59:59 minutes (54.91 MB)

Columbus social justice activist MarShawn McCarrel ended his life, but his legacy continues. A brief tribute to a fallen comrad.
Developers have their sights set on a block of historic buildings in Old North, but residents in the area are organizing to stop them in their tracks.

Conscious Voices Save Oak Flats

59:56 minutes (54.87 MB)

A rare and pristine ecosystem in Arizona is scheduled for demolition, thanks to a last-minute rider attached to a finance bill by Arizona senator John McCain that awarded the Oak Flats region to an Australian mining company. The land is sacred to the San Carlos Apaches, whose organization, Apache Stronghold, is leading the fight to stop the mine. They held a rally in Tucson to kick-off a two=week intensive campaign, culminating in a large protest gathering at Oak Flats in late February. We have audio from the rally, and an interview with Apache Stronghold spokesperson Wentsler Nosey/

Conscious Voices Arizona Election Fraud, Sanders and Clinton on Israel, and Joe Motil on gentrification

59:56 minutes (54.88 MB)

Arizona was a crime scene on Tuesday where election fraud was perpetrated on a massive scale, reflecting a problem that has nation-wide implications since the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. We have a number of reports from Arizona and some analysis, plus a look at Sanders and Clinton's positions on Israel, and an excerpt from an interview with community activist Joe Motil on gentrification in Columbus' North side.

Conscious Voices Jane Jacobs and James Kuntzler on gentrification and urban planning

59:57 minutes (54.88 MB)

Humane urban planning advocate Jane Jacobs speaking in 2000 on the need for a radical shift in the way we view cities, urban culture, and architecture, and author James Kuntzler on the same.

CV Medical Marijuana and Western origins of Europe's refugee crisis

59:56 minutes (54.88 MB)

Ohioans for Medical Marijuana has suspended their campaign to get a medical marijuana initiative on the state ballot, not because the odds were against them ( they weren't) but because legislators beet them to it with a lesser bill of their own. We have an interview with Aaron Marshall, spokesperson for Ohioans for Medical Marijuana.
Also, we have audio from a program from Russia Today on the origins of Europe's refugee crisis in policies of Western states.

Conscious Voices "20 minutes of action" Stanford rape case

1:00:00 minutes (54.94 MB)

Stanford rape survivor's epic testimony, as read by CNN's Ashleigh Banfield, and another, un-named rape survivor's harrowing story.

Conscious Voices People's Summit

59:59 minutes (54.93 MB)

A "People's Summit" was held in Chicago in June to strategize about the next steps for the progressive movement. We have audio from one of the plenaries, as well as a few words about the latest police murders of Black people.

Conscious Voices Report from the Republican National Convention

59:54 minutes (54.84 MB)

Interviews with activists outside the RNC , including STAT, a group of medical professionals opposed to Trump's stand on immigration, Ohio Jobs With Justice, Wall Off Trump,and Patriotic Millionaires, a group of wealthy individuals who support a $15 minimum wage,and campaign finance reform. Also a firey speech by Olivet Baptist paastor Jawanza Karriem Colvin.

Conscious Voices Ohio Restrictive Voter ID Laws Challenged

Press conference at Progress Ohio offices

59:58 minutes (54.89 MB)

Cleveland area voting rights attorney Subodh Chandra prepares to challenge Ohio's restrictive voter I. D. laws, which, he says are intended specifically to supress African American votes.

Conscious Voices Iyad Burnat speaking in Columbus

59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

Palestinian activist Iyad Burnat has been fighting for years to keep his West Bank village of Bil'in from being annexed by Israel through the construction of illegal "settlements", the massive "security wall", fences, and buffer zones. He was first arrested, detained and tortured by Israeli Defense Forces as a teen , and, more recently, one of his sons was shot by an Israeli soldier during a non-violent protest, costing him part of a leg. Burnat addressed a crowd of around 70 people at the Maynard Ave Methodist Church, and also spoke about the solidarity between Palestinians and the Movement for Black Lives/Black Lives Matter in the U.S.

Conscious Voices Recalling Northam Park

59:57 minutes (54.89 MB)

Upper Arlington residents opposed to the redevelopment of Northam Park, and concerned about the accontability of their city council have launched a recall campaign against 4 council members, which will be voted on on August 23. An interview with Stephan Buser, spokesperson for the recall campaign, and audio from videos both for and against. Also an interview with a local Sanders activist.

Conscious Voices Standing with Colin Kaepernick, and sitting down with Puja Datta

59:38 minutes (54.6 MB)

Extended segment from a recent edition of sportswriter Dave Ziren's podcast, The Edge Of Sports about San Francisco 49'ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's recent passive protest for racial justice, and an interview with local activist Puja Datta regarding the continuation of the political revolution ignited, in part by the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Conscious Voices Justice for Henry Green and Stand off at Standing Rock

59:58 minutes (54.9 MB)

Press conference announcing the findings of a multi-city study on police practices which gave Columbus an unfavorable rating. Activists are calling for an independent investigation in to the police killing of Columbus resident Henry Green.
Also, an interview with one of the organizers of the protests at Standing Rock, North Dakota against a proposed oil pipeline.

Conscious Voices Justice for Ty're and Ohio threatened by Gas Pipeline

1:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Audio from a rally protesting the police shooting of Ty're King, and an interview with Ohio Environmental Council's Melanie Houston regarding a proposed gas pipeline through Ohio

Conscious Voices Angela Davis

1:00:00 minutes (54.94 MB)

Audio from Monday's rally at City Hall announcing an agreement between City Council and The People's Justice Project regarding the Summer Policing program, and a lecture by professor Angela Davis from the 17th annual Steven Biko memorial in South Africa.

Conscious Voices, Standing Rock update and Mountain Top Removal protest

59:57 minutes (54.88 MB)

Audio from a Columbus Day demonstration in Columbus, Ohio in solidarity with the protesters at Standing Rock, North Dakota, and audio from a recent protest in Charleston, West Virginia against Mountain Top Removal

Conscious Voices, Fracking the Wayne pt 2

59:48 minutes (54.75 MB)

Hard to believe it's been 4 years since I attended, and reported on an "open house" by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources regarding proposed oil and gas ("fracking") leases in the Wayne National Forest. Plans to auction thnose leases are now being fast-tracked, but a coalition of environmental groups is gearing up to fight it. Recently the Ohio Revolution, the local affiliate of Bernie Sanders' national group, "Our Revolution" held a strategy session in Columbus to help coordinate that campaign. Audio featured in this show from that meeting features representatives from the Ohio Environmental Council, The Buckeye Forest Council, Athens County Fracking Action Network, and the Ohio Sierra Club.

Conscious Voices Ohio Elections, Fracking in the Wayne

59:58 minutes (54.9 MB)

Interview with Progress Ohio executive director Sandy Theiss about voter supression in Ohio and also the general contentiousness of the 2016 Federal election.
Audio from a picket at Republican senator Rob Portman's offices regarding proposed fracking leases in the Wayne National Forest and some audio clips about the standoff at Standing Rock.

Conscious Voices Ohio SB268 and West Virginia Mountain Party candidate, Charlotte Pritt

59:58 minutes (54.91 MB)

Interview with CAIR's atty Roman Ichbal about Senate Bill 268 which CAIR says will undermine the rights of workers who have faced discrimination or harassment from employers, and an interview with West Virginia gubernatorial candidate Charlotte Pritt who ran on the Mountain Party ticket against a conservative Republican, Bill Cole, and a Democrat coal magnate with numerous mine safety violations, Jim Justice. Plus a monologue about the 2016 presidentiaal election.

Conscious Voices anti-Trump rally

59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

Ad Hoc coalition Columbus United organized a march and rally protesting the Trump/Republican agenda on Tuesday, Nov, 30th that drew between 900 and 1,000 people (817 on the march, with more joining at the statehouse). Speakers included a Muslim student, an un-documented immigrant, an African immigrant, and racial justice activists. Full audio featured in this show. Photo courtesy of Jose Luis Mas

Conscious Voices Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders

59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

audio from a recent press conference with Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison

Conscious Voices Threats to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security

59:58 minutes (54.9 MB)

A look at the history of Social Security and , especially Mediaid through presidential speeches, starting with JFK's 1962 speech on Medicaid, then LBJ's "great society speech", and Obama's speech on the program's 50th anniversary. Also Bernie Sanders' recent Senate speech calling out Donald Trump on this issue

Conscious Voices Rally To Save Medicare

59:59 minutes (302.77 MB)

Large rally to save Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security organized by Ohio Revolution, with Union allies and social justice activists on January 15th 2017 at the Plumbers and Pipefitters hall in Columbus, Ohio.
Audio recorded from the house PA - a bit glitchy due to some problems with the PA equipment. (fortunately that did not compromise the sound in the room - just the line feeding the recorder). 3 salvaged speeches from the rally in this edition.

Conscious Voices Women's March pt 1

59:56 minutes (302.47 MB)

Audio from women's marches January 21 across the country

Conscious Voices Ohio Women's March organizer Rhiannon Childs

59:55 minutes (47.43 MB)

Extended interview with Ohio state director of the Women's March on Washington, Rhiannon Childs, plus Elizabeth Warren's speech at the Women's March in Boston

\Conscious Voices Linda Burnham - white privilege and the Trump era

Author and activist Linda Burnham, speaking at a recent conference talks about the need for resistance , and the role of white privilege in the Trump ascendancy. She recently published an essay in The Guardian addressing the need to reject the narrative that blames Democrats neglect of rural white economic concerns for Trump's win.

59:57 minutes (40.23 MB)

Conscious Voices Rev. William Barber How We Got Here

59:39 minutes (54.6 MB)

Rev. William Barber speaks on how we have arrived at our current political crossroads

Conscious Voices Michael Parenti Myths of Caapitalism

59:46 minutes (54.72 MB)

Author, historian, and lecturer Michael Parenti traces the roots of some of the myths used to justify capitalism

Conscious Voices Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor and Nina Turner

59:29 minutes (54.46 MB)

Author and African American Studies professor cancelled a number of public appearances after she received death threats from Trump supporters in response to this commencement address she gave in 2017.
Ohio's own Nina Turner gave a keynote address at this year's People's Summit in Chicago.

Conscious Voices Sanders health care rally in Columbus, June 26, 2017

59:44 minutes (54.69 MB)

Bernie Sanders held a rally to oppose the latest Republican bill to slash Medicaid. Full speech here.

Conscious Voices Save Medicaid, and an interview with Wriply Benet, one of the Black Pride 4

1:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

The Ohio state senate may try to override Governor Kasich's veto of an item in the state budget bill that would drastically cut Medicaid. Audio from a Columbus rally to save Medicaid featuring Rev. William Barber.
Also, a feature-length interview with Wriply Benet, one of the 4 people arrested for staging a civil disobedience action at the Pride parade to draw attention both to the killings of Black and Brown trans people, and police violence against Black and Brown folks in general.

Conscious Voices Twilight Bey on the 25 anniversary of the ganbg truce, and Dennis Kucinich at Comfest

59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

In answer to the on-going controversy over the incident at Comfest regarding a band having been told not to play a particularly incendiary song, "Fuck the Police", written 30+ years ago in response to systemic police brutality in South Central L.A., we have a recent interview with Twilight Bey, one of the members of The Bloods who signed the historic truce between the Crips and the Bloods. It speaks to the circumstances that inspired the song, and reveals an alternate perspective - one of a gang member-turned community organizer as opposed to that of a commercially successful singer commenting from a particular social niche.
The interview was conducted by Pacifica Radio's Davey D.
Also, audio from a speech given by Dennis Kucinich at this year's Comfest.

Conscious Voices History of the GLBT movement

59:59 minutes (54.91 MB)

Many folks regard the 1969 Stonewall uprising in Greenwich Village as the "start" of the GLBT rights movement, but GLBT rights advocacy, and even a militant physical resistance to a police raid on a popular GLBT hang-out pre-dated Stonewall by several years. A Communist Party member, Harry Hay started the first GLBT advocacy group as a committee of the Communist Party. It then became an independent organization called the Matachine Society. This program takes a look at Harry Hay, including audio of a speech he gave on the 20th anniversary of Stonewall, and testimonies from veterans of both the Stonewall, and earlier Compton's Diner uprisings.

Conscious Voices Tiki Nazis and Swastikati

59:57 minutes (54.89 MB)

After white supremacists, nazis, NRA members, "Men's rights" advocates, Liberetarians, and other Trump supporters rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one person and injuring many more, we feature audio from a short video documentary by Vice TV, who had a reporter embedded with the white supremacists, and we'll hear audio from the funeral of Heather Heyer, the civil rights activist killed by an Ohio man who plowed his car in to a group of peaceful demonstrators.

Conscious Voices Hurricane Harvey and Jackass Joe ( Arpaio)

59:59 minutes (54.91 MB)

several produced pieces regarding climate change, urban flooding and urban sprawl, plus some commentary on the pardoning of Arizona's former Maricopa County sherrif Joe Arpaio

Conscious Voices My Dinner With Puja

59:59 minutes (54.91 MB)

A free-ranging somewhat informal conversation with Puja Datta, national coordinator for the Working Families Party about local and national politics of the day

Conscious Voices Crises in Venezuela and Puerto Rico

59:57 minutes (54.89 MB)

Tariq Ali speaking on the crisis in Venezuela as a function ogf U.S. colonialism, and Juan Gonzalez on the history of the Puerto Rican debt.

Conscious Voices Jasmine Ayres and Maxine Waters

59:58 minutes (54.91 MB)

Interview with Yes We Can candidate for City Council, Jasmine Ayres, plus audio (poor) of Maxine Waters speech at the Reclaiming Our Time conference in Detroit.

Conscious Voices Tamika Mallory

59:57 minutes (54.88 MB)

A talk given by Women's March organizer, Tamika Mallory recently in Australia about the state of the women's movement, intersectionality in feminism, and the lead-up to the 2018 election.

Conscious Voices Save Higher Education ( stop the tax bill)

59:58 minutes (41.06 MB)

Grad students and others at Ohio State University rally in opposition to the Republican proposed tax overhaul bill by holding a "grade-in" at the Student Union.
Also, an excerpt from the RT TV program Boom Bust with financial analysis of the tax bill and other financial news.

Conscious Voices Moore's Barber, Net Neutrality, and Palestine

59:59 minutes (42.36 MB)

Sound from a rally opposing Alabama senatorial hopeful Roy Moore featuring Rev. William Barber, audio from Tom Over interviewing protesters at a rally to save Net Neutrality in New York, and audio from the latest rally in solidarity with Palestine in Columbus.

Conscious Voices Phyllis Benis on Trump's Palestine agenda

1:00:00 minutes (42.6 MB)

Some notes in the monologue about the tax bill, then a recent lecture by Phyllis Benis of the Institute for Policy Studies

Conscious Voices Feminism

1:00:00 minutes (44 MB)

In this show there are three recordings offering perspectives on feminism and rape culture, one from Anita Sarkeesian, who has spoken against violence against women in video games, a CBC report on the Me Too movement, and Nigerian author Chimananda Ngozi Adichie

Conscious Voices Iran protests and Community Bill Of Rights update

59:59 minutes (43.95 MB)

Al Jazeera report on the protests in Iran, and an interview with Columbus Community Bill Of Rights Campaign organizer Greg Pace

Conscious Voices Jasmine Ayres, local Women's March, Oprah

1:00:00 minutes (46.28 MB)

Sound from a rally at City Council to demand the appointment of Jasmine Ayres to city council, interview with Rhiannon Childs, co-organizer of this year's Women's March, and Oprah Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globe awards

Conscious Voices Dennis Kucinich for Governor

59:59 minutes (40.89 MB)

Denis Kucinich announces his run for the governorship and reveals a detailed, thorough, fully articulated platform. Full speech, plus press conference Q and A, plus a song from Judy Small; One Voice In The Crowd

Conscious Voices Women's march 2018 pt 1

1:00:00 minutes (39.8 MB)

Audio from the 2018 Columbus women's march and other women's marches from around the U.S.

Conscious Voices Women's March pt 2 Intersectionality

59:58 minutes (41.14 MB)

This edition includes a lecture by Professor Kimberle Crenshaw, who coined the term "INtersectionality" in the 1980's and is one of the pioneers of intersectional feminism. There is also audio from the 2018 Women's March in Oklahoma City

Conscious Voices Women's March pt 3 Las Vegas

59:58 minutes (42.8 MB)

Speeches from the Power To The Polls Women's March, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada including Melissa Harris-Perry, Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Rev. William Barber, and others

Conscious Voices Reaction to Florida school shooting

59:59 minutes (42.75 MB)

Media interviews with school shooting survivors, and sound from two rallies organized by Florida high school students in response to the killing of 17 by (yet another) male white supremacist sociopath

Conscious Voices William Barber on the history of social justice in the U.S.

59:57 minutes (38.69 MB)

A lecture by William Barber on the history of social justice movements in the U.S., and audio from one of the Florida gun reeform rallies

Conscious Voices Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on the hostory of the 2nd amendment

59:59 minutes (40.18 MB)

Book tour talk by historian, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on the release of her ;latest book Loaded; A Disarming History of the Second Amendment

Conscious Voices Student walk-outs and Angela Davis with Michelle Alexander pt 1

59:58 minutes (82.35 MB)

Audio from a number of student walk-outs against gun violence, and part 1 of a conversation between Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander

Consciuous Voices Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander pt 2

59:59 minutes (82.38 MB)

Part two of a wide-ranging conversation between Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander

Conscious Voices Marching For Our Lives

1:00:00 minutes (82.39 MB)

Speeches from the student-led national march again st gun violence

Conscious Voices Sudden Oak Death

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

2 short documentaries on Sudden Oak Death, a new pathogen that is killing Oaks and other trees in California, pluys a refresher course on the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, killing Hemlocks in the East.

Conscious Voices Amy Goodman on the importance of independent media

Amy Goodman speaking on the importance of independent media

1:00:00 minutes (82.41 MB)

Conscious Voices Cornel and Kanye, go West and South

59:55 minutes (82.28 MB)

A recent lecture by Cornel West and commentary about the disconnectedness of the Black elite class in the wake of recent "off color" remarks by hip hop mogul Kanye West

Conscious Voices Noura Erakat on the Palesine - Israel conflict

1:00:00 minutes (82.39 MB)

Two speeches regarding Israel/Palestine offering perspectives no usually heard in the American media

Conscious Voices Naomi Klein book tour speech No Is Not Enough

59:59 minutes (82.38 MB)

Author and lecturer, Naomi Klein critiques Trump, capitalism, and environmental issues in this speech given as part of her latest book tour

Conscious Voices Crises in Venezuela and Nicaragua

59:58 minutes (82.36 MB)

Economic and political crises are unfolding in both Venezuela and Nicaragua, which are partly caused by deliberate meddling by the United States, and partly by mis-steps of the elected administrations in those countries, and external economic factors, yet the American media paints a simpler ( and inaccurate) picture of both Venezuela's Maduro, and Nicaragua as text-book petty dictators bent on consolidating power at any cost.
Two reports from Al Jazeera Engliush are presented here that offer a moire nuanced view.

Conscious Voices Immigration Rights Rallies

59:57 minutes (82.34 MB)

Audio from 2 immigratiion rights rallies; one on the Broklyn Bridge, reported by Pacifica's Mitchel Cohen, and another in Columbus, recorded by me.

Conscious Voices Reproductive rights versus Kavanaugh (Now We're In The SUP)

1:00:00 minutes (82.4 MB)

Interview with National Abortion Rights Action League Ohio chapter deputy director Jaime Miracle on the status of abortion rights and the struggle ahead in light of the recent Supreme Court nomination.

Conscious Voices Columbus tax abatements and remembering Ron Dellums

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

The Colyumbus City Council adopted a new policy regarding tax abatements for developers which includes a provision that requires developers to dedicate a portion of each new construction to "affordable hoiusing". But is that enough? What is "affordable"? Critics say the policy greases the skids for gentrification.

Field recordings of speakers at the City Council meeting and an interview with Amy Harkins of Yes We Can.

Also; the Council approved the Columbus Community Bill Of Rights ballot measure to proceed to the November ballot . A speaker on that issue addressed the council, and an interview with Community Bill Of Rights activists afterward.

And a remembrance of Ron Dellums, who died this week at 82 - a recording of his 1990 speech in Oakland introducing the newly freed Nelson Mandela.

Conscious Voices Statues and Statutes, Columbus Community Bill of Rights denied

59:56 minutes (82.31 MB)

The Franklin County Board of Elections denied the Columbus Community Bill of Rights issue ballot access , even after the Columbus Community Council had approved sending the proposal to the November ballot. Dozens of volunteers spend thousands of hours gathering signatures for the proposal which would grant Columbus the right to regulate or ban industrial activities that pose a public health risk or jeopardize the city's air and water , suchg as fracking, waste injection wells, or placement of radioactive mine tailings in municipal landfills.
Audio from the Board of Elections meeting and interview with attorney Terry Lodge, and Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund organizer Tish O'Dell.
Also; discussion of the issue of confederate monument removals in the wake of the removal of one such statue at the university of North Carolina by student activists.

Conscious Voices Ron Dellums

1:00:00 minutes (82.39 MB)

An interview from a community TV station in California with former congressperson Ron Dellums

Conscious Voices Urban Trees Under Threat

59:56 minutes (82.32 MB)

`Two segments about the benefits of urban trees in light of the City of Columbus' recent campaign to eradicate all trees that are affecting sidewalks (rather than modify the sidewalks, which requires caring and imagination).

Conscious Voices Dave Zirin in Columbus

59:59 minutes (47.24 MB)

Sept 10, 2018, political sports writer and historian, Dave Zirin gave a talk in Columbus at the Wexner Center. Full board recording.

Conscious Voices Toxic waste lagoons in the Carolinas

59:56 minutes (41.91 MB)

Coal ash impoundments and "fecal lagoons" on hog farms in North and South Carolina are hit by flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Conscious Voices Borking the Kav amd betting on O'Rourke

59:57 minutes (42.11 MB)

Sound from various Kavanaugh protests and an introduction to Texas senatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke

Conscious Voices Voting Rights in Ohio

59:59 minutes (42.31 MB)

1st half; a Sam Seder interview with The Nation's Ari Berman in the days after the U.S. Supreme Court's Shelby decision which partially gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
@nd half; local interview with Catherine Tercer, of Common Cause on the current state of voting rights in Ohio

Conscious Voices, 2018 election analysis

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

Audio from Democracy Now's election night live broadcast, that was carried locally on community radio station WGRN, including Women's March co=leader Linda Sarsour, journalist Alan Nairn, and New York congressperson-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' inspiring victory speech, plus an election day interview with Issue One spokesperson Dennis Willard.

Conscious Voices Refugee Caravan and U.S. policy in Honduras

59:58 minutes (82.35 MB)

Narration; brief history of U.S. interference with Honduras
Segment 1; Noam Chomsky traces the current crisis to Hillary Clinton's tenure as Sec. of State under Obama
Segment 2; Al Jazeera's Faultlines segment on the impact of the U.S. "war on drugs" in Honduras
Segment 3; Tariq Ali podcast on the latest post-coup election in Honduras

Conscious Voices David Cay Johnston and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

Journalist David Cay Johnston, author of the new book; It's Worse Than You Think; What Trump Is Doing To America, and congressperson-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the New Green Deal

Conscious Voices Zionism and Black Radicalism

59:59 minutes (82.37 MB)

Talk by Morgan State University professor of communications, Jared Ball on the intersection of modern Pan-Africanism and the anti-zionist movement.

Conscious Voices Abortion ban veto stands, as U.S. troops in Syria stand down

1:00:00 minutes (82.4 MB)

Ohio Republican legislators fail by just one vote to overturn Governor Kasich's veto of a sweeping abortion ban bill that the legislature adopted last week, but the governor signed a second abortion ban bill that opponents say is nearly as bad.
Also, Medea Benjamin speaks with Phyllis Benis on the announced withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria

Conscious Voices Columbus Campaign Finance Reform

1:00:00 minutes (82.41 MB)

The Columbus City Council proposes a package of campaign finance reforms that include a very high limit on how much an individual or company can donate to a candidate. Citizen activists speak against that portion of the proposal.

Conscious Voices Tulsi Gabbard

59:58 minutes (82.37 MB)

A recorded speech from Hawaii congressperson Tulsi Gabbard, and a recorded conversation between Gabbard and Jane Sanders, plus some discussion in the intro of Gabbard's pros and cons.

Consciois Voices Ohio Women's March 2019

59:58 minutes (82.36 MB)

Some of the speeches from the Columbus, Ohio 2019 Women's March, plus Nina Turner speaking at the national Women's March

Conscious Voices But, the Rebuttals!

59:59 minutes (82.38 MB)

Georgia politician/activist Stacey Abrams delivers the Democratic Party rebuttal to the state of the union address, followed by Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, speaking for the Working Families Party, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Conscious Voices Crisis in Venezuela, and Israel's influence over U.S. legislators

59:57 minutes (82.33 MB)

Ilfan Omar grills Elliot Abrams on his record, Abby Martin on the effects of U.S. sanctions in Venezuela, and 2 lectures on how Israel affects U.S. policies, elections, and legislators

Conscious Voices Coup in Venezuela thwarted ( for now)

1:00:00 minutes (41.72 MB)

In light of the majority of U.S. media's complete lack of coverage of Venezuelan perspectives not alligned with the U.S.-backed opposition we have several segments offering historical analysis and updates on the situation from non-opposition viewpoints.

Conscious Voices Ruben Castilla Herrera

59:56 minutes (52.61 MB)

Audio from the memorial service for Columbus community activist, and social justice chapion and friend, Ruben Castilla Herrera

Conscious Voices Gerrymandering in Ohio

59:55 minutes (43.15 MB)

Interview with Jen Miller, Ohio League of Women Voters on the recent Federal district court ruling declaring that Ohio's electoral districting is unconstitutional due to Gerrymandering
Also audio from a rally in support of Masonique Saunders, and speech by Elizabeth Warren

Conscious Voices Local Dialogue on Venezuela

59:59 minutes (43.29 MB)

A recent talk in Columbus by professor of international human rights, Dan Kovalik on the situation in Venezuela was joined, informally, by a family of Venezuelan ex-patriots who support the U,S,-backed Venezuelan opposition. The talk begins as a straightforward presentation, but then devolves in to an unmoderated discussion that includes dissenting viewpoints, thus offering a good example of the differences between pro and anti-revolution perspectives.

Conscious Voices HB6 Permanent Fossil Fuel bail-out?

59:59 minutes (44.82 MB)

This week the Ohio House passed HB6, an energy policy bill misleadingly touted as a "clean energy" bill, but which opponents say weakens environmental protections, and creates permanent subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. An interview with the Ohio Environmental Council's Trish Demeter.

Conscious Voices 071219 For The Trees

59:55 minutes (41.28 MB)

As Columbus continues to see its urban canopy diminish due to predation by developers, utility construction, aging, and thoughtless and caprecious homeowners or parasitic house-flippers, and, in general, poor municipal management, we have two reports on the importance of trees and efforts in at least one city to increase their population in an urban setting.

Conscious Voices 070419 Democratic Candidates at the Move On Big Ideas Forum

59:55 minutes (38.31 MB)

Talks by several of the leading Democratic candidates at the Move-On "Big Ideas" forum

Conscious Voices 0725129 SB6, Nuclear Bail-out Bill passes, and Morgan Harper Challenges Joyce Beatty

59:58 minutes (46.89 MB)

SB 6 has passed and was signed in to law this week. It creates a semi-permanent rate hike (fee) on our electric bills to off-set unspecified costs related to maintaining 4 antiquated power plants ( 2 nuclear and 2 coal) owned by First Energy. The bill also does away with the state's energy conservation standards. A coalition of environmental groups may seek to overturn the new law by means of a statewide referendum.
Full audio from a press conference held at the statehouse on the day of the vote.

Also; local community organizer Morgan Harper is challenging Democratic incumbent Joyce Beatty for the nomination to run for Ohio's 3rd congressional district - a so-called "safe" Democratic district created when the Republican Party re-drew a number of congressional districts to assure a Republican majority in the Ohio congressional delegation. Beatty may be slightly to trhe Left of the political center, while Harper's politics more closely resemble those of the newer generation of self-described progressives. She supports the Green New Deal, free college tuition, un iversal health care, and a comprehensive approach to resolving the nation's affordable housing crisis. A full interview with Morgan Harper.

Conscious Voices 080819 Toni Morrisson

1:00:00 minutes (36.87 MB)

3 recorded speeches by one of the foremost American intellects and literary artists of the last century or more.

Conscious Voices 082919 Oak Flat update and Sanders on the Black vote

59:59 minutes (46.18 MB)

An extended interview with Roger Featherstone of the Arizona coalition on Mining Reform about the latest developments on the efforts to save Oak Flats
Also, Bernie Sanders on his campaign's efforts to address concerns of the African American communities, and to enlist Black voters ( an excerpt from a recent interview on a podcast program called Black Coffee)

Conscious Voices 091919 Democratic debate, border stories and Greta Thurnberg on Climate change

1:00:00 minutes (43.73 MB)

panel discussion featuring Puja Datta and a Young Democrat at the Democratic Candidates debate watch gathering, David Adelson reports from Tijuana, and Greta Thurnburg on tnhe Global Climate Justice strike.

Conscious Voices 102419 Global Climate Strike and Border Stories

59:56 minutes (41.86 MB)

Greta Thurnberg speaking to the EU parliament, Columbus climate strike speeches, and David Adelson's Border Stories interview with Maria Galleta

Conscious Voices 100319 Impeachment and Biden plus Border Stories

1:00:00 minutes (44.22 MB)

RT's Rick Sanchez discusses the possible impact of the impeachment proceedings on the Biden campaign, and David Adelson attends an immigrant Rights workshop in San Diego

Conscious Voices Morgan Harper campaign update, and Bernie's Back

59:59 minutes (42.77 MB)

Interview with congressional candidate Morgan Harper, whose campaign has steadily grown in the months since our last interview and has achieved some impressive fund raising goals.
Also, audio from the Sanders rally in Queens, New York, which drew nearly 30,000 people - the largest campaign rally of the season for any candidate so far.

Conscious Voices Coup in Bolivia and Border Stories

59:51 minutes (42.65 MB)

Two reports about the right-wing coup in Bolivia, and as new instalment of David Adelson's Border Stories

Conscious Voices Thanksgiving myths and stories

1:00:00 minutes (41.34 MB)

a guest production ( edition of Writers Voice, with host, Francesca Rihanon) focused on the myths of Thanksgiving, told from a Native American perspective.

Conscious Voices Columbus City Government Reform 3.0

59:59 minutes (45.59 MB)

An interview with Jonathan Beard, of Every Day People Columbus ( ) on their latest initiative to reform the way the city council is elected.

Conscious Voices 091219 Border4 Stories with David Adelson

59:56 minutes (42.68 MB)

Independent journalist David Adelson shares interviews with immigrants, detainees, asylum-seekers and immigrant rights advocates from both sides of the U.S. border with Mexico. These reports have been produced exclusively for WCRS and WGRN .

Conscious Voices Edith Espinal, Impeachment, and border stories

59:59 minutes (44.21 MB)

Audio from a solidarity assembly for/with undocumented Columbus resident Edith Espinal, audio/interviews from the impeachment rally on Tuesday, and another installment of David Adelson's Border Stories.

Conscious Voices 010320 Who's Afraid of Bernie Sanders

59:59 minutes (48.42 MB)

A panel discussion with Crystal Ball, and Jacobin Magazine recorded art Versos Books in New York, covering the Democratic Party's attempts to promote a centrist candidate over progressives.

Conscious Voices 010920 Phyllis Bennis and Wesley Clark on Us/Iran relations

59:59 minutes (40.94 MB)

Institute for Policy Studies' Phyllis Bennis speaks in 2018 at the All Saints Church in Pasadena, California about the recent history of US policy on Iran.
Retired US General Wesley Clark speaking in 2007 on a classified Pentagob memo detailing plans for US military coups, destabilization, and effective control of 7 Middle Eastern and Sfrican nations including Lybia, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Iran

Conscious Voices 101620 Iran/US relations and Fire Drill climate change rally audio

59:56 minutes (42.91 MB)

An interview with Columbus-based Iranian-American attorney Shayan Parsai on the history and current status of US/Iranian relations. Also; audio from Jane Fonda's Fire Drill climate change rallies in DC

Conscious Voices 012220 Angela Davis 2020 MLK address

59:52 minutes (38.31 MB)

Author and activist Angela Davis gives the 2020 MLK commemoration address at the University of Michigan, Detroit

Conscious Voices 013020 Jeff Cohen, of FAIR and Roots Action, plus Central Ohio Progressive Candidates Interviewed by Tom Over

1:00:00 minutes (47.12 MB)

Jeff Cohen, founder of the media watchdog group, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting ( FAIR), whose weekly program, Counterspin airs on this station has a new documentary film; The Corporate Coup D'Etat, part of which was filmed in Youngstown, Ohio. I spoke with him in the studios of community radio station WGOT in Gainesville Florida. ( Special thanks to WGOT co-founder, Fred Souder, who engineered).
Conscious Voices contributor Tom Over attended a progressive candidates forum and interviewed Morgan Harper, running against Joyce Beatty in Central Ohio's 3rd congressional district , and Xavier Carrigan, running in Ohio's 5th, plus economics professor Fadel Khaboub

Conscious Voices 020620 Border Patrol and Immigration/Customs denies legal rights, and FAIR's Jeff Cohen Q & A

1:00:00 minutes (43.62 MB)

David Adelson reports from Tijuana where a number of refugees applying for refugee status in te US are being prevented by Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs from attending their mandatory court hearingfs in the US, resulting in their cases being dismissed.

Also JEFF Cohen, founder of Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) takes audience questions in Gainesville, Florida

Conscious Voices 02202020 Anti-racist activism in Florida, progressive activism in Ohio

1:00:00 minutes (43.48 MB)

An interview with Faye Williams, of Gainesville, Florida, a community activist who spearheaded the fight to remove a confederate statue there, and several short interviews with progressive activists in Ohio's electoral campaigns, by Tom Over

Conscious Voices 022720 The Lies of Joe Biden

59:56 minutes (45.89 MB)

Writer and activist Shaun King researches a long history of Joe Biden's political prevarications. It's an extensive list. It suggests something may be pathologically amiss with the former VP, though King leaves that up to the listeners to judge.

CV 030620 Medicare For All explained

1:00:00 minutes (41.96 MB)

A recent panel discussion with Congressional authors and co=sponsors of the Medicate For All bill

CV 031220 Sanders in Sum

59:57 minutes (43.27 MB)

Analysis of the Sanders campaign in light of recent primary election disappointments

Conscious Voices 032720 Virus relief package debated and a New Border Stories report

59:58 minutes (44.33 MB)

Self-employed artist Ed Beard on the effects of the Coronavirus shut-down on independent and "gig" workers, analysis of the Republican relief package proposal, and a report from David Adelson in the Border Stories series about some illegal dumping of sewerage in Tijuana by a U.S. company that is causing illness among refugees.

Conscious Voices 040220 Sabina Virgo

59:56 minutes (43.15 MB)

Veteran social justice, labor rights and environmental activist of Los Angeles, Sabina Virgo succumbed to pancreatic cancer in the last week of March 2020. To commemorate her life and accomplishments, we offer a speech that she made at the 2014 Earth Day celebration in Southern California.

Conscious Voices 041620 The Wrong Way To Wash Your Hands

59:52 minutes (39.8 MB)

Rev. William Barber addresses the context of the Covid 19 Corona virus pandemic in a social justice framework

Conscious Voices 042320 Klandemic

59:59 minutes (43.65 MB)

As the quarantine continues in states with administrations that care, people who don't care, but say they do demonstrate at state government offices mixing alleged concern for "rights" with a toxic mix of racism, antisemitism, and anti-science ideologies.
3 reports cover the racism angle of the CoviD19 pandemic; one from Al Jazeera addressing racism toward Asian folks in America, one from China Global Television Network examining vulnerability of populations in Africa's urban centers , and one from Roland Martin discussing white supremacists plans to use Covid19 as a terrorist weapon.

Conscious Voices 043020 The Colonial Virus

59:58 minutes (44.85 MB)

An analysis from We Charge Colonialism on the racist implications of the Covid 19 pandemic response, AFL CIO president Richard Trumka on what conditions should be met for workers to return to work safely, Cryatal Ball on workers forced back to work under unsafe conditions, and Nina Turner on New York's cancellation of the Democratic primary there.

Conscious Voices 050820 Corona coup in Venezuela, and a lynching in Georgia

59:57 minutes (42.74 MB)

As the US tightens its economic embargo against Venezuela and encourages the violent overthrow of the elected government there, the Covid 19 corona virus compounds Venezuela's crisis. Abby Martin puts it in context.
Also; a broadcast from Telsur English describing the attempted coup in Venezuela by a group of American mercenaries with ties to the Trump administration, and an American political science professor's view.
Also, some discussion of the apparent lynching of a 25 year old Black man in Georgia by a trio of white men, who, as of the recording date of this show were neither arrested, nor charged, but which, since that date have now been charged with felony murder.

Conscious Voices 051420 Richard Wolfe Covid Capitalism

59:59 minutes (34.07 MB)

A recorded interview with author, Richard Wolfe on the crisis of capitalism and how it compounds the present pandemic.

Conscious Voices Analysis of the Black Lives Matter protests in Columbus so far

59:58 minutes (47.39 MB)

An interview with activists Steven Underwood and Ricardo Harris sharing their feelings and observations about the protests in Columbus to demand an end to police violence and for accountability on the part of the city administration.

conscious voices 061820 Black Lives making progress

1:00:00 minutes (42.83 MB)

Speeches from The Black Lives Matter march in Columbus led by the mothers of people slain by police in Columbus and Dayton

CV 062520 Lies and Lives in the balance

1:00:00 minutes (41.21 MB)

Mayor Ginther's press conference where he pledges his commitment to at least some of the reforms demanded by the Black Lives Matter movement, Crystal Ball on the latest Democratic primary results, and Columbus' Bill Lyons and Tish O'Dell on the latest setback for the Citizens Bill Of Rights initiative.

Conscious Voices 070220 Statues and Limitations

1:00:00 minutes (39.74 MB)

Audio from a Columbus City Council press conference announcing intent to address racism and police brutality, and audio from a youth-led Black Lives Matter march in Worthington, and another at the Columbus City Hall.

CV071620 Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor Race for Profit

1:00:00 minutes (42.53 MB)

Recent talk by professor Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor discussing how housing policies and the real estate industry have segregated America

Conscious Voices 092420 Jasmine Ayres on the state of the movement in Colubus so far

59:58 minutes (82.36 MB)

Community activist and former candidate fir City Council, Jasmine Ayres discusses the state of the movement for racial justice in Central Ohio at this point.
David Adelson files another interview report with border justice/immigration rights advocate Hugo Castro from Los Angeles.

Conscious Voices 100220 Breonna Taylor, Justice Denied - Issue 2, Justice Evolving

59:57 minutes (82.34 MB)

Audio from a press conference/rally in Louisville, Kentucky in response to a grand jury's failure to indict any of the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor, and audio from a Yes We Can streamed presentation on Issue 2 which would amend the Columbus city charter to create a Civilian Review Board to monitor police uses of force.

CV 102420 Women's March to protest Amy Coney Barrett

Audio from the October 2020 national Women's March to protest the confirmation of Amy Ciney Barrett to the US supreme court

59:55 minutes (82.28 MB)

CV102220 Women's March against confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett

59:55 minutes (82.28 MB)

Audio from Women's Marches in October to protest the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court

CV 110520 Election limbo, and election victories

59:49 minutes (82.15 MB)

Audio from a small rally in Columbus on Wednesday, the day after election day, an interview with Cathy Cohen Becker on the passage of Issue 1, sound from Republican mobs outside several boards of elections attempting to intimidate poll workers, and a short NYT documentary on ther stolen election of 2000

CV 111920 No Time To Rest

59:54 minutes (40 MB)

3 segments discussing what must be done to hold the new administration accountable to a progressive agenda, and the dangers for both the party and the movement of failing to do so.
Speakers; Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez, Juan Gonzalez, Crystal Ball, Cornel West

CV 112620 Kossuth Street Garden in Peril, and debunking Thanksgiving myths

59:59 minutes (43.8 MB)

An interview with Kossuth Street Garden co-founder Michael Doody as the garden faces an immanent threat from a developer, reminiscent of the plight of the nation's once largest urban farm in Los Angeles, and a speech from the Indigenous protest in Plymouth, Massachussetts, marking Thanksgiving as a day or mourning , plus an essay from Christian Davis ( my dad) on saving the turkeys.

CV 121020 The Killing of Casey Goodson, and in interview with Dontavius Jarells

59:58 minutes (42.24 MB)

Columbus resident Casey Goodson was gunned down by a Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy last week. He was not a suspect in any investigation, and had no criminal record. The deputy claims Goodson pointed a gun at him. Goodson's family say he had only a cel phone, and a bag of sandwiches. He bled out on his kitchen floor in front of his family. The county coroner has ruled the killing a "homicide". All three shots that killed Goodson were received in his back.
Columbus police apparently mis-handled the investigation, failing to secure the scene or to interview witnesses, leading many to beliefs they were operating with the pre-emptive assumption that the shooting was "justified". Citing a lack of coherent evidence, the Ohio attorney General has declined to investigate, but the US justice department has stepped in.
Goodson's family is calling for murder charges to be brought against the deputy, who has a history of insubordination and volatility. The family is represented by Columbus attorney Sean Walton. We have audio from a press conference held by Walton and co-counsels via video chat.

This week I also met with community activist Dontavius Jarells, who will represent the Ohio 25th House district at the start of the new legislative season. I first encountered Jarells when he was a keynote speaker and emcee at an International Black Lives Matter rally at City Hall, which I recorded and broadcast here on this program this past Summer. Here he discusses his vision for improving the lives of his constituents, fighting injustices, and transforming our democratic culture.

CV 121720 Justice for Casey Goodson

59:57 minutes (39.17 MB)

Audio from a rally for justice for Casey Goodson on Saturday, Dec 12 that drew around 1500 people, plus Alerxandria Ocasio=Cortez on the Covid relief debate and Democratic Party leadership failings.

Conscious Voices Casey Goodson update and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on the storming of the Capitol

A feature-length interview with civil rights attorney Sean Walton, who represents the family of slain Columbus citizen Casey Goodson, plus; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks about her experience of the storming of the Capitol by white supremacists.

59:50 minutes (44.95 MB)

A feature-length interview with civil rights attorney Sean Walton, who represents the family of slain Columbus citizen Casey Goodson, plus; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks about her experience of the storming of the Capitol by white supremacists.

Conscious Voices 210120 Micheal Eric Dyson on the stste of the state

59:56 minutes (44.58 MB)

Professor/author Michael Eric Dyson gives a sermon just days after the attempted coup at the nation's capitol by white supremacists, anti-maskers, Trump devotees, and other Republicans.
Also the poem heard 'round the world.

CV 210204 Oak Flat and partial justice for Andre Hill

1:00:00 minutes (37.1 MB)

audio fromm a recent "virtual rally" to save Oak Flats in Arizona from a giant copper mine that the previous whitehouse administration accelerated approval for. Also discussion of the case of Andre Hill's murder by Columbus police officer. Adam Coy ( now fired, indicted and charged, and arrested, and held on a multi-Milliuon dollar bail).

CV 210211 Bordering on Collapse (the destructive impacts of the border wall)

59:59 minutes (39.83 MB)

Audio from a recent on-line forum on the destructive impacts of the border wall, presented by the Center for Biological Dioversity in Tucson.
Also; update on the killing of Casey Goodson, and commentary on the impeachment trial of a certain former chief executive.

CV 210218 Community Gardens in the Cross Hairs

59:59 minutes (44.16 MB)

A look at the purpose and value of community gardens in light of the threat many of them are facing from developers and gentrification. This week ther Kossuth Street Community Garden on Columbus' near East side was served an eviction notice by the developer that recently purchased the land. An up-to-date intervoew with Kossuth Street Garden director Michael Doody

Conscious Voices Lawrence Ferlinghetti and an Oak Flat update

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

A public poetry reading by American treasure, poet, Lawrence Ferlingetti, on the occasion of hsi receiving the honor of becoming San Francisco's first poet laureat, and an encouraging update in the fight to save Oak Flat in Arizona.

1:00:00 minutes (27.46 MB)

A look at the recently passed American Rescue Act, and Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema's no-vote against a 15$/.hr minimum wage, plus Mumia Abu Jamal's case and health risks currently.

CVC210401 Derek Chauvin murder trial, Biden's foreign policy challenges

59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

Sound from the protest in Minneapolis as the murder trial of Derek Chauvin begins, Phyllis Bennis on Biden;s foreign policy challenges, and audio from an Asian American solidarity rally ion Columbus

CV 210408 Voting Rights Under Attack

59:15 minutes (27.12 MB)

A look at the legislative efforts to, on the one hand limit, restrict, or deny voting access, and , on the other, to protect and expand voting access. An interview with Jenn Miller of the Ohio League of Women Voters, plus reports from North Carolina and Georgia, and a report on voter-roll purging in Ohio.

CV 210415 Environmental and racial justice

59:25 minutes (27.2 MB)

Content from a radio program produced at Pacifica affiliate station KBOO in Portland, Oregon called Let's Talk About Race. This Earth Day edition expolres the many facets of environmental racism.

CV 210429 Justice for Ma"Khia Bryant

59:57 minutes (27.44 MB)

Interview with organizer/community advocate Heather Johnson in the aftermath of the police killing of 16 year old Columbus resident Ma'Khia Bryant, plus audio from a rally in Goodale Park in solidarity with Ma'Khia's family

CV 210520 Free Palestine!

59:57 minutes (27.44 MB)

Audio from a Palestinian solidarity rally in Columbus, Ohio, and from a press conference with the family and attorneys in the case of police-slain Columbus resident Andre Hill

CV 210520 Free Palestine

30:25 minutes (13.93 MB)

Audio from a Palestinian solidarity rally in Columbus, Ohio and from a press conference featuring the family of police-slain Columbus resident Andre Hill, and their attorneys announcing a 10 Million dollar settlement with the city of Columbus

CV Students for Justice in Palestine rally plus Ora Wise

59:56 minutes (27.44 MB)

Around 500 people gathered in Goodale Park for a rally and march in solidarity with the people of Palestine on May 21. In this program we hear "raw" audio from the rally ( edited for improved sound quality) and a 2003 speech by SJP co-founder Ora Wise.

CV 210603 Panel on Israel/Palestine ceasefire

1:00:00 minutes (27.47 MB)

This program features a panel discussion on the current situation in Palestine with former US ambassador to Israel, Martin Idyk, and Rutgers University professor and author Noura Erakat

CV 210624 Moral March on Manchin and McConnel

58:31 minutes (26.79 MB)

Rev William Barber of the Poor People's Campaign, and Rev. Jesse Jackson march on Washington to pressure senators Manchin and Sinema to pass the For The People voting rights act, and to eliminate the filibuster rule in the Senate.
Sinema argues that the filibuster prevents a "tyrany of the minority" situation, yet that is what we have right now, as minority leader McConnel has vowed to block any and every proposal by the Biden administration.
Sinema says that, if there is no filibuster, Republicans will use their next majority ( if there is one) to undo every accomplishment of the Biden administration. They undoubtedly would, but the point is that they would, anyway. Getting rid of the filibuster NOW could allow Democrats to pass a raft of bills that could transform our political culture, ushering in a new era of justice and equality and environmental protection.
Sinema and Manchin can either stand in the gap, or stand in the way.

CV 210708 Ohio wind and solar thwarted, and Athens women arrested at Enbridge 3 protest

59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

1st half;
Interview with Kathy Cowan Becker about two bills that just became law in Ohio that are clearly aimed at thwarting commercial scale wind and solar power development.
2nd half
Interview with three women from Athens who recent took part in a pipeline protest in Minnesota and who were arrested there and charged with felony "theft" for blocking a gate to a pipeline construction-related facility.
Music at the break; Peter Paul and Mary singing "Flow"
Music at the close; Ana Fritz; "Leave it in the Ground"
Photo from Athens Messenger

Conscious Voices 210722 Ohio Redistricting

1:00:00 minutes (27.46 MB)

Part of an on-line seminar from the Ohio Environmental Council on the mechanisms and urgent importance of Ohio's congressional redistricting process.

Conscious Voices 210729 Glen Ford

59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

Glen Ford, radio commentator and author , co-founder of the Black Commentator, and the Black Agenda Report has passed away at the age of 71. In today's program we'll hear a speech he gave in 2020 on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the founding of the Black Agenda Report.

Conscious Voices 210826 Panel Discussion on Afghanistan

59:54 minutes (27.42 MB)

Panel discussion on Afghanistan featuring Phyllis Bennis, Tariq Ali, and Maya Evans.
The panelists discuss the history of the US role in Afghanistan and how our actions percipitatede the current situation, and they offer suggestions for how to rectify the mess.

Conscious Voices 20210916 Infrastructure and tax proposals explained

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

Several media reports and presentations on the two insfrastructure bills now being blocked by Republicans and two right-wing ( ie; "moderate") Democrats

Conscious Voices 211007 Climate Change

59:56 minutes (27.44 MB)

Several speeches on climate change including Greta Thunburg, and Boris Johnson, and a short documentary on recent deadly flooding in Germany brought about by climate change.

Conscious Voices 211104 COP 26

1:00:00 minutes (27.46 MB)

Analysis of and speeches from the UN climate conference ("COP 26") in Glasgow

Conscious Voices 211118 Racism, Segregation, and education with Nikole Hannah-Smith

58:52 minutes (26.95 MB)

2 talks by 1619 author Nikole Hannah-Smith discussing the history of racism in America and its influences on education.

Conscious Voices 211202 Honduras!

59:25 minutes (27.21 MB)

The US-backed right-wing Honduran regime that was supported and sanctioned by the Obama administration during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State has been ousted in a landslide election, giving the presidency to a progressive female politician who ran on a platform of political, social, and economic reforms and a promise to crack down on corruption and the drug trade. But the new administration will stall face escalating challenges resulting from climate change.
2 reports, one from the independent radio program Making Contact , hosted by Monica Lopez, and another from Al Jazeera offer a deeper look.

Conscious Voices 220106 Democracy In Peril

1:00:00 minutes (27.47 MB) panel discussion on the state of American democracy going in to 2022

CV 220114 Democracy in Peril update

59:30 minutes (27.24 MB)

repeat of previous week's show featuring a panel discussion on the state of American democracy, but with an update at the beginning featuring Morgan Harper's rebuttal to AZ senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Conscious Voices 202227 MLK revisited

59:52 minutes (27.41 MB)

An award-winning MLK documentary from Pacifica Radio originally broadcast in 1968, 3-days after the assassination.

Conscious Voices 220210 Morgan Harper debates Josh Mandel

59:44 minutes (27.35 MB)

Ohio Democratic Senatorial hopeful Morgan Harper debates Republican rival Josh Mandel

CV 20220224 Ukraine

58:54 minutes (26.96 MB)

Several perspectives on the Russia/Ukraine conflict that the Western media is largely omitting

CV 20220303 More on Ukraine

59:06 minutes (27.05 MB)

Professor John Mersheimer explains the US role in creating the Russia/Ukraine conflict

CV 20220324 Critical Analysis on Ukraine

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

Content from a recent edition of Pacifica Radio's Covid Race and Democracy related to the conflict in Ukraine

CV 20220329 Panel Discussion on Ukraine

59:59 minutes (27.47 MB)

Bernie Sanders assembled a group of commentators to address the conflict in Ukraine from the standpoint of democracies around the world, versus authoritarian and imperialist regimes, including the US, and with regard to climate change.

CV 20220307 A Contrarian Perspective on Ukraine

59:53 minutes (27.41 MB)

interview with geopolitical policy analyst Samo Burja on the long term global balance-of-power implications of the conflict in Ukraine.

CV 20220414 Noam Comsky on Ukraine

59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

Bill Fletcher Junior interviews Noam Chomsky on the conflict in Ukraine

CV20220421 You're Being Lied To About Ukraine

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

Russel Brand, Richard Wolfe, and Chris Hedges discuss the conflict in Ukraine and the crisis of imperial capitalism ( 2 segments)

CV 20220428 Border Wall Impact, Ukraine, and Henry Green

59:08 minutes (27.07 MB)

Interview with a spokesperson from the Center For Biological Diversity on the impacts of the border wall, another Ukraine perspective and news of the acquittal of two notorious Columbus police officers in the killing of Henry Green

CV 20220505 The End of Roe

59:56 minutes (27.44 MB)

In the wake of the news of a leaked draft ruling from the Republican-dominated US Supreme Court effectively overturning Roe Vs Wade , we hear from MSNBC's Ali Velshi on the white supremacist roots of the anti-abortion movement, Vice President Kamala Harris' comments to an Emily's List convention, and my interview with Cole Wojdacz, field director for Pro Choice Ohio

CV 20220512 Panel discussion on Ukraine with Phyllis Bennis

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

A panel discussion ("webinar") on Ukraine with Institute For Policy Studies analyst Phyllis Bennis

CV 20220525 Guns and Inflation

A critique of pro-gun myths, and Richard Wolfe on the historical causes of inflation

59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

CV 20220609 Unsettled; Israel Continues it Assault

59:46 minutes (27.36 MB)

Several international news reports about the murder of an American Al Jazeera journalist in occupied Palestine, and an attack by Israeli police of the mourners, Americans aiding Israeli settlers in harassing Palestinians, and a far-right Israeli nationalist march in Jerusalem reminiscent, in some respects of the far-right march in Charlottesville, Virginia

CV 20220616 March (again) For Our Lives

59:53 minutes (27.41 MB)

Speeches from the 2022 ( second) March For Our Lives against gun violence.

CV 20220804 Columbus Teachers and Manchin's Ransom

1:00:00 minutes (27.48 MB)

As this program aired on WGRN, 94.1 fm on Thursday evening, August 4, the Columbus Education Association the union representing 4500 Columbus teachers voted to send an "intent to strike" resolution to the Columbus Board of Education, which the unions says has refused to bargain in good faith as the August 21 expiration of the teachers' current contract approaches.
I interviewed Regina Fuentes, spokesperson for the CEA.
Also; the deal struck with West Virginia senator Joe Manchin in exchange for his support for the scaled-down version of the Build Back Better bill includes a promise to re-start construction of the Mountain Valley pipeline, which, like the cancelled Keystone XL pipeline would have severe environmental and social impacts. We have a raw-audio documentary, of sorts, from an independent filmmaker who spoke with property owners in the pipeline's path as well as protesters who blocked construction before the pipeline was idled nearly 2 years ago.

CV 20220818 Salman Rushdie and Columbus Schools

An interview with author Salman Rushdie and an update on the Columbus teachers contract negotiations with the Columbus school board

1:00:00 minutes (27.46 MB)

CV 20220922 Code Pink on a Diplomatic Solution in Ukraine

59:53 minutes (27.42 MB)

An excerpt from Code Pink Radio discussing the possibility of a diplomatic resolution in Ukraine

[Conscious Voices] - [Ukraine, fossil fuel divestment, and Oak Flat]

59:49 minutes (27.38 MB)

CV 20230223 More on Ukraine and Oak Flat

59:50 minutes (27.39 MB)

John Mersheimer interview ( recent) on the situation in Ukraine, and a retired miner speaks against the proposed copper mine that would destroy Oak Flat

* Correction; in the monolugue I incorrectly identified the former ( ousted) Ukrainian president as "Lukashenko", whereas I meant to say Yanukovych. Lukashenko is the president of Belarus.

Conscious Voices 20230524 Jeffrey Sachs A Path To Peace In Ukraine

1:00:00 minutes (27.46 MB)

Recent Canadian webcast interview with Professor Jeffrey Sachs on the situation in Ukraine

CV 20230601 John Mersheimer analysis of Ukraine

59:59 minutes (27.46 MB)

Distinguished professor John Mersheimer ( University of Chicago) discusses the current situation in Ukraine and how it might be resolved - or not.

Concscious Voices 20230608 Dam the Torpedoes in Ukraine

59:56 minutes (27.44 MB)

Several foreign media reports on the destruction of the Kakhova dam in Ukraine with speculation about who or what may have caused the disaster. Also a report on Canadian forest fires and climate change.

Conscious Voices 20230706 Reproductive Rights On The Ohio Ballot and More From Piketon

59:53 minutes (27.41 MB)

A coalition of women's rights and reproductive rights groups submitted over 700,000 signatures on a petition to place a reproductive rights issue on the November ballot (press conference)
And, an interview with former Piketon Uranium enrichment plant employee Vina Colley

Conscious Voices 20230713 Issue 1

59:43 minutes (27.33 MB)

a discussion on Ohio's Issue 1, to be voted on in an (illegal) special election on Tuesday, August 8 that would raise the number of signatures required to place an initiative on the statewide ballot, and would require a 60% vote for passage of any constitutional amendment.