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Conscious Voices 040220 Sabina Virgo

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Veteran social justice, labor rights and environmental activist of Los Angeles, Sabina Virgo succumbed to pancreatic cancer in the last week of March 2020. To commemorate her life and accomplishments, we offer a speech that she made at the 2014 Earth Day celebration in Southern California.

Conscious Voices 032720 Virus relief package debated and a New Border Stories report

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Self-employed artist Ed Beard on the effects of the Coronavirus shut-down on independent and "gig" workers, analysis of the Republican relief package proposal, and a report from David Adelson in the Border Stories series about some illegal dumping of sewerage in Tijuana by a U.S. company that is causing illness among refugees.

CV 031220 Sanders in Sum

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Analysis of the Sanders campaign in light of recent primary election disappointments

CV 030620 Medicare For All explained

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A recent panel discussion with Congressional authors and co=sponsors of the Medicate For All bill

Conscious Voices 022720 The Lies of Joe Biden

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Writer and activist Shaun King researches a long history of Joe Biden's political prevarications. It's an extensive list. It suggests something may be pathologically amiss with the former VP, though King leaves that up to the listeners to judge.

Conscious Voices 02202020 Anti-racist activism in Florida, progressive activism in Ohio

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An interview with Faye Williams, of Gainesville, Florida, a community activist who spearheaded the fight to remove a confederate statue there, and several short interviews with progressive activists in Ohio's electoral campaigns, by Tom Over

Conscious Voices 020620 Border Patrol and Immigration/Customs denies legal rights, and FAIR's Jeff Cohen Q & A

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David Adelson reports from Tijuana where a number of refugees applying for refugee status in te US are being prevented by Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs from attending their mandatory court hearingfs in the US, resulting in their cases being dismissed.

Also JEFF Cohen, founder of Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) takes audience questions in Gainesville, Florida

Conscious Voices 013020 Jeff Cohen, of FAIR and Roots Action, plus Central Ohio Progressive Candidates Interviewed by Tom Over

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Jeff Cohen, founder of the media watchdog group, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting ( FAIR), whose weekly program, Counterspin airs on this station has a new documentary film; The Corporate Coup D'Etat, part of which was filmed in Youngstown, Ohio. I spoke with him in the studios of community radio station WGOT in Gainesville Florida. ( Special thanks to WGOT co-founder, Fred Souder, who engineered).
Conscious Voices contributor Tom Over attended a progressive candidates forum and interviewed Morgan Harper, running against Joyce Beatty in Central Ohio's 3rd congressional district , and Xavier Carrigan, running in Ohio's 5th, plus economics professor Fadel Khaboub

Conscious Voices 012220 Angela Davis 2020 MLK address

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Author and activist Angela Davis gives the 2020 MLK commemoration address at the University of Michigan, Detroit

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