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Conscious Voices 101620 Iran/US relations and Fire Drill climate change rally audio

59:56 minutes (42.91 MB)

An interview with Columbus-based Iranian-American attorney Shayan Parsai on the history and current status of US/Iranian relations. Also; audio from Jane Fonda's Fire Drill climate change rallies in DC

Conscious Voices 010920 Phyllis Bennis and Wesley Clark on Us/Iran relations

59:59 minutes (40.94 MB)

Institute for Policy Studies' Phyllis Bennis speaks in 2018 at the All Saints Church in Pasadena, California about the recent history of US policy on Iran.
Retired US General Wesley Clark speaking in 2007 on a classified Pentagob memo detailing plans for US military coups, destabilization, and effective control of 7 Middle Eastern and Sfrican nations including Lybia, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Iran

Conscious Voices 010320 Who's Afraid of Bernie Sanders

59:59 minutes (48.42 MB)

A panel discussion with Crystal Ball, and Jacobin Magazine recorded art Versos Books in New York, covering the Democratic Party's attempts to promote a centrist candidate over progressives.

Conscious Voices Edith Espinal, Impeachment, and border stories

59:59 minutes (44.21 MB)

Audio from a solidarity assembly for/with undocumented Columbus resident Edith Espinal, audio/interviews from the impeachment rally on Tuesday, and another installment of David Adelson's Border Stories.

Conscious Voices 101019 Border Wall Destruction, Border4 Stories and Gun Control

59:59 minutes (46.88 MB)

re-broadcast of my interview with Laikan Jordhal from the Center Foir Biological Diversity on the environmental and social impacts of border wall construction, another installment of David Adelson's Border Stories, and a short segment on gun control in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting.

Conscious Voices 091219 Border4 Stories with David Adelson

59:56 minutes (42.68 MB)

Independent journalist David Adelson shares interviews with immigrants, detainees, asylum-seekers and immigrant rights advocates from both sides of the U.S. border with Mexico. These reports have been produced exclusively for WCRS and WGRN .

Conscious Voices Columbus City Government Reform 3.0

59:59 minutes (45.59 MB)

An interview with Jonathan Beard, of Every Day People Columbus ( everydaypeoplecolumbus.us ) on their latest initiative to reform the way the city council is elected.

Conscious Voices Thanksgiving myths and stories

1:00:00 minutes (41.34 MB)

a guest production ( edition of Writers Voice, with host, Francesca Rihanon) focused on the myths of Thanksgiving, told from a Native American perspective.

Conscious Voices Coup in Bolivia and Border Stories

59:51 minutes (42.65 MB)

Two reports about the right-wing coup in Bolivia, and as new instalment of David Adelson's Border Stories

Conscious Voices Morgan Harper campaign update, and Bernie's Back

59:59 minutes (42.77 MB)

Interview with congressional candidate Morgan Harper, whose campaign has steadily grown in the months since our last interview and has achieved some impressive fund raising goals.
Also, audio from the Sanders rally in Queens, New York, which drew nearly 30,000 people - the largest campaign rally of the season for any candidate so far.

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